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University of Colorado Denver


APPE Site Descriptions

​Site descriptions housed on this page are current as of March 10, 2014.

APPE students and those students actively participating in the APPE site match will have access to more up to date information in E*Value. Competitive rotations such as those with the FDA and CDC may not be reflected in this list but will be options for students who pass the application process.

NOTE: "PM" at the end of site names designated Preferred Metro status. "PR" at the end of site names designates Preferred Rural status. Definitions are found at: Preferred_Rotation_Definitions.pdf

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 P4 Rotations

Folder: Ambulatory-AnticoagulationAmbulatory-Anticoagulation
Folder: Ambulatory-CardiovascularAmbulatory-Cardiovascular
Folder: Ambulatory-EndocrinologyAmbulatory-Endocrinology
Folder: Ambulatory-GeriatricsAmbulatory-Geriatrics
Folder: Ambulatory-HomeInfusionLong Term CareAmbulatory-HomeInfusionLong Term Care
Folder: Ambulatory-Multi Disease StateAmbulatory-Multi Disease State
Folder: Ambulatory-NeurologyAmbulatory-Neurology
Folder: Ambulatory-OncologyAmbulatory-Oncology
Folder: Ambulatory-Other SpecialtyAmbulatory-Other Specialty
Folder: Community Pharmacy - DSMCommunity Pharmacy - DSM
Folder: Community Pharmacy - MTMCommunity Pharmacy - MTM
Folder: Community Pharmacy - TRADCommunity Pharmacy - TRAD
Folder: Elective - AdministrationElective - Administration
Folder: Elective - CompoundingElective - Compounding
Folder: Elective - Drug InformationElective - Drug Information
Folder: Elective - EducationElective - Education
Folder: Elective - IndustryWholesalerElective - IndustryWholesaler
Folder: Elective - Inpatient Clinical InstitutionalElective - Inpatient Clinical Institutional
Folder: Elective - InternationalElective - International
Folder: Elective - OtherElective - Other
Folder: Elective - Outpatient ClinicalElective - Outpatient Clinical
Folder: Elective - Outpatient DispensingElective - Outpatient Dispensing
Folder: Elective - ResearchElective - Research
Folder: Hospital - Acute Care Internal MedicineHospital - Acute Care Internal Medicine
Folder: Hospital - AnticoagulationHospital - Anticoagulation
Folder: Hospital - CardiologyHospital - Cardiology
Folder: Hospital - Critical CareHospital - Critical Care
Folder: Hospital - General ClinicalHospital - General Clinical
Folder: Hospital - Infectious DiseaseHospital - Infectious Disease
Folder: Hospital - InstitutionalHospital - Institutional
Folder: Hospital - Medication ReconciliationHospital - Medication Reconciliation
Folder: Hospital - Other SpecialtyHospital - Other Specialty
Folder: Hospital - PediatricsHospital - Pediatrics
Folder: Hospital - PsychHospital - Psych
Folder: Miscellaneous APPE Match DocumentsMiscellaneous APPE Match Documents