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University of Colorado Denver


Translational Bio-Nanosciences Laboratory

Protect the Environment

We are a Green Lab!

I truly believe that whatever we do in the lab has an environmental price. We do science, which is a cool thing, and it benefits the humankind. However, lab science has a serious environmental toll.  For example, each chemical hood uses as much energy as an average American household. The chemicals that we order and synthesize in the lab use a lot of energy to make them. The chemicals discarded not properly pollute water sources and kill marine life.  There are more and more heavy metals and organic solvents found in the ocean and in the marine organisms. While my wife was pregnant she could not eat tuna because of mercury pollution. I have two small kids and I want to protect our planet for them as much as I can.  Therefore, I would like to run the lab in as sustainable and responsible way as possible! To summarize, here is the principle of three “R”: Reduce, recycle, reuse (explained below). disposal

  • Reduce chemical use: Don't order a chemical before checking if someone else might actually have it  (for this purpose all chemicals are catalogued);
  • Reduce electricity use: After hours whenever possible turn off centrifuges, equipment, chemical and tissue hoods, and lights; Don't leave freezer and fridge doors open for a long time
  • Recycle: Never dispose chemicals or solvents in the sink; use special containers for that, dispose recyclable items in the recycling bean
  • Reuse: Try to buy used equipment whenever possible


You are welcome to add items to this list.