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Translational Bio-Nanosciences Laboratory

Lab Members

Dmitri Simberg ​

Dmitri Simberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Information about Dr. Simberg 

Current lab members (Denver)

Guankui Wang, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Guankui Wang received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of China in 2007. He completed his PhD in Animal Physiology from the University of Idaho in 2012. After one-year postdoctoral training in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado Boulder, he joined the Simberg Lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow in November 2013. He has been working on multiple projects on the development of iron oxide nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery and magnetic resonance imaging, the interactions of nanoparticles with the immune system, the isolation of circulating tumor cells from cancer patients’ blood, and cell-based therapy for leukemia. 

Ernest Groman, PhD
Dr. Groman, possibly the oldest postdoc on campus, earned a BS in mathematics from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California-Berkeley.  After postdoctoral studies at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, he cofounded Advanced Magnetics and BioPhysics Assay Laboratory.  He is the lead inventor of Feraheme, a drug used to treat iron deficiency anemia and as an experimental MRI contrast agent to study inflammation (following chemotherapy), vascular disease and lymphatic involvement in various cancers.  His interests include translation of grant funded projects into products, drug delivery using nanoparticles, cell labeling with nanoparticles, development of dual label contrast agents and applications of magnetic fields to improve drug delivery.

Hanman Gaikwad, PhD
Hanmant Gaikwad received a Master degree (M.Sc.) in Organic Chemistry from the Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 2005. He completed his PhD in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry from the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, India in 2013. Later, in 2013, he joined as a Post-doctoral researcher in Dr. Galia Blum's research group at School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He worked on molecular imaging of cancer using Xray computed tomography with protease targeted iodinated activity-based probes. Then he joined the Simberg Lab as a postdoctoral Associate in December 2017. His research work focuses on development of new class of small molecules, nanoparticle conjugates, lipid conjugates and antibody conjugates with cleavable linkers for targeted drug delivery and molecular imaging.

Laren Lofchy, PhD Candidate
Laren Lofchy, graduate student. She received her Bachelors’ of Science and Engineering (BSE) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2017 and joined the Simberg lab as a PhD student soon after. She is currently researching the mechanism of nanoparticle extravasation with the hope of one day exploiting it. If she had free time, she’d be found skiing, backpacking, or composing experimental electronic music. 

Geoffrey Gifford, BSc, Professional Research Assistant

Fangfang Chen, PhD, Visiting Research Professor (Jilin University, China)

Chunyan Yang, MD, PhD, Visiting Scholar 

Dr. Yang was born in February 1980. She got the Master’s degree in Internal Medicine of Jilin University in June 2008 and the Doctor's degree of Jilin University in June 2012. Since August 2012, she has been an attending physician in the department of cardiology of China-Japan Union Hospital ofJilin University. 

She likes reading newspapers, magazines and works of literature, etc. By doing so, she learns about the wonderful world and enriches her spiritual world.

Ping Ren, MD, PhD, Visiting Scholar 

Dr. Ren is a practicing surgeon in the Department of Thoracic Surgery, the first hospital of Jilin University. He received his PhD and MD from Jilin University.

Group Photos

Former Lab Members 

Paulina Do, PharmD Candidate

Weston Smith, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate 

Vivian Vu, Professional Research Assistant

Huy Tran, Undergraduate Bioengineering Program, CU Boulder

James Griffin, BSc., Research Associate

Abilash (Abi) Prabhakaran, Cherry Creek High School Student

Barbara Brenneman, BSc, PharmD Candidate

Jessica Jones, BSc, PharmD Candidate

Halli Benasutti, BSc, Research Assistant

Hye Hyun (Sally) Kim, undergraduate student
Chemical and Biological Engineering

University of Colorado Boulder

Swetha Inturi

Swetha Inturi, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate

Christopher Bull

Christopher Bull, PharmD Candidate Student


Rajesh Mukthavaram 

Rajesh Mukthavaram, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar


Guixin Shi 

Guixin Shi, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar


Wenjun Cui 

Wenjin Cui, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Amose Kim 

Amose Kim, BS, Research Assistant


Kevin Cheng 

Kevin Cheng, BSc, Research Assistant


Ritish Mittal 

Ritish Mittal, BSc, Research Assistant


Laura Restropo 

Laura Restrepo, MSc, Research Assistant