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Translational Bio-Nanosciences Laboratory

Lab Equipment

GUAVA high throughput flow cytometer with 2 lasers/6 channels

PCR and gel electrophoresis 


Zeiss Axio Observer 5 epifluorescent microscope equipped with 5 filter cubes and Exelitas near infrared light source and NIR filter cube (760nm excitation/780nm emission) 

PALL reverse osmosis ultrafiltration system

Biosafety cabinet for patient samples 

Isoflurane anesthesia machine


Automated cell counter

Refrigerated tabletop centrifuge


Cell culture centrifuge

Biosafety hood for cell culture

Cell incubator

Rotary evaporator

Agilent 1200 HPLC with UV-Vis detector

Beckman Optima ultracentrifuge



Chemical hood

QSonica 500 probe sonicator


Harvard Apparatus PS-1 ex vivo perfusion system with precise control of organ humidity, pulse rate, flow rate, pressure, temperature and oxygenation

Fiber optical near-infrared spectroscopy (FONIRS) for in vivo near infrared spectroscopy

ISOLERA flash chromatography system

Olympus  IX73 Inverted Light Microscope