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Systems Genetics and Bioinformatics

Collaborative/Educational/Employment Opportunities

Precision medicine is a multidisciplinary field that thrives on the collaboration of scientists with diverse sets of skills. In the Saba laboratory, we apply biostatistics, bioinformatics, statistical genetics, and pharmacogenetics techniques to uncover biological mechanisms of disease, to identify possible pharmaceutical targets, and to identify subpopulations that would benefit from particular drug therapies or prevention strategies.

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the field that we study, we are interested in a broad range of students and postdoctoral fellows.

Please contact Dr. Saba for more information about any of the following:

  • Rotations/dissertation projects/statistical mentoring for Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD students
  • Rotations/dissertation projects/statistical mentoring for Toxicology PhD students
  • Thesis/dissertation projects for Biostatistics MS and PhD students
  • Postdoctoral research into systems genetics and bioinformatics