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Immunotoxicology Laboratory

Current Lab Member Profiles

Dr. Valerie Minarchick
Postdoctoral Fellow
Phone: 303-724-8216
Dr. Minarchick is currently working on vascular endothelium responses to engineered nanomaterial exposure including assessment of physicochemical properties responsible for endothelial dysfunction. Valerie is also using metabolomics to assess cellular and vascular responses to nanomaterial exposure.

valerie minarchick

Angela Cruz-Hernandez
Graduate Student
Phone: 303-724-8216
Angela is investigating the role of mast cells in response to sulfur and nitrogen mustard exposure and the relationship of mast cells to symptoms of Gulf War Illness.

Ryan Mendoza
Graduate Student
Phone: 303-724-8216
Ryan is investigating novel non-IgE mediated pathways of mast cell activation following nanoparticle exposure.
Keegan Rogers
Graduate Student
Phone: 303-724-8216
Keegan's work includes building designer viruses as a new oncological immunotherapeutic, exploring an unknown etiology in kidney disease which afflicts many individuals across the globe, interrogating mechanisms of immunological damage by novel rare earth metal oxide materials, examining the extent of which different e-cigarette fluid compositions effect immune function, and determining if air pollution and other environmental factors contribute to clinical immunotherapeutic outcomes in cancer patients.


Former Lab Members

Dr. Nasser Alsaleh
Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Riyahd, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Jonathan Shannahan
Former Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Instructor
Currently Assistant Professor at Purdue University

Dr. Wei Bai
Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Pranita Katwa
Former Graduate Student
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University

Dr. Ramakrishna Podila
Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently Assistant Professor, Clemson University

Dr. Sky Wang
Currently a Research Assistant Professor at East Carolina University

Aaron Stevens
Former Undergraduate Researcher
Currently Graduate Student, University of Virginia

Susan Hilderbrand, M.S.
Former Research Associate
Currently Adjunct Instructor, Asheville-Buncombe Technical College

Josh Pitzer, M.S.
Former Research Associate
Currently Research Associate, East Carolina University

Abdullah Aldossari
Former Graduate Student

Monica Sandoval
Former Graduate Student
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Indushekhar Persaud
Former Graduate Student
Indu is investigating endoplasmic reticulum stress responses to nanoparticles as well as mechanisms of endocytosis and intracellular localization.​​​​​