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Immunotoxicology Laboratory



Equipment available for use in the Nanotoxicology laboratory includes:

Cytoviva Hyperspectral Microscope Description: ytoviva – Illuminating the Future

DMT pressure myograph system

Olympus IX73 inverted microscope

BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

ABI Step-One Plus Real Time PCR instrument

BioTek Synergy HT microplate reader

Qsonica cuphorn sonicator with enclosure

Nanodrop 2000 spectrophotometer

Mettler-Toledo XP6 automated microbalance

Cell Culture Facility with 3 laminar flow hoods, incubators, inverted microscope and centrifuges

Nexcelom Auto X4 Automated Cell Counter

Shandon Cytospin IV

Small animal surgical room and monitoring equipment

Zeiss dissecting microscope

Eppendorf PCR machine

Ultrasonic processor

GentleMACS tissue dissociator and magnetic cell separation equipment

Perkin Elmer NexION 2000 single particle and single cell ICP-MS