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Uday B. Kompella Profile

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Kompella Research Lab

Selected Patents

Kompella, U.B., Singh, S.R., and Sundaram, S. Methods and compositions for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents (Compositions and methods for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents, and particularly for mucosal, oral, nasal, or parenteral delivery of therapeutic agents. The compositions comprise carrier particles containing or encapsulating a therapeutic agent or agents, which have been modified on their surface to contain one or more targeting moieties that enable the enhanced uptake and transport of the therapeutic agent via receptor-mediated processes such as endocytosis or transcytosis. Compositions include functionalized nanoparticles for enhanced invasive delivery or noninvasive delivery to the back of the eye). International Patent Application. 12/09/2007. WO/2008/033924.

Tari, S.R., Gaetano, B.R., and Kompella, U.B. Polychromatic, diversely-sized particles for angiography (The invention involves polychromatic particles of various sizes for assessing blood flow, blood barrier leakage and blood vessel leakage. Nanoparticle compositions are disclosed to diagnose the vessel types affected in vascular disorders of the eye. These nanoparticles are useful to quantify and diagnose the disease state). International Patent Application. 06/07/2007. WO/2008/005514.​