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Uday B. Kompella Profile

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Kompella Research Lab


Equipment available for experimental use in the Kompella lab includes:

Tonopen Applantation Tonometer: 532 nm diode laser

Ophthalmoscope and Slit Lamp

Probe Sonicator with controllable power input

Supercritical Fluid Apparatus: custom assembled

Waters HPLC system: autoinjector, two pumps, a photodiode array detector, a fluorescence detector, and a controller

LC/MS/MS system with an Agilent LC unit

Buchi rotavapor R-200

12 Ussing chambers

MaxQ 4000 Metabolic Shaker Incubator

  • programmable incubation from 0 to 60 °C
  • hacking speed ranging from 0-400 rpm

Dual voltage-clamp unit

Strip-chart recorder

Temperature-controlled shaking water bath

Temperature-controlled incubators (2)

N-evap unit

Digital Analytical Balance

Laminar flow hoods (3)

Humidified CO2 incubators (2)

Leica microscope

Spectramax M5 multi-detection plate reader with triple-mode cuvette port

Zetasizer Nano

Fluorotron Master