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Core Facilities

High-Throughput Screening and Chemical Biology

The High Throughput and High Content Screening (HTS/HCS) Core Facility specializes in chemical biology as it relates to drug discovery, biological probe discovery, and phenotypic characterization of small-molecule effects on cellular systems. In addition to housing the instrumentation and robotics required for traditional HTS, the Core houses a cutting-edge High Content image-based system for next-generation small-molecule discovery research and analysis in fixed or live cells and cellular systems.

The HTS/HCS Core is designed as a resource for the screening of small-molecule compound libraries in any cellular or biochemical assay system. For a detailed summary of the steps in a typical screening campaign, please see HTS and HCS information and resources. In addition to small-molecule screening, the instrumentation in the HTS/HCS Core is available on an hourly basis with nominal charges. A small fee is charged for training on each instrument (see costs and authorship for details).

The HTS/HCS Core Facility is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado, in the new Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences building. Startup funding for the HTS/HCS Core Facility has been provided by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (COEDIT), through the Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (BDEGP).


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