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Future Healthcare Leaders Wanted

Interested in being on the front lines of healthcare -- working on teams in the ER, in clinics managing patients with diabetes or heart disease, at independent pharmacies compounding medications or vaccinating patients? Pharmacists are stepping out from behind the counter. Discover this exciting field and how to become a future healthcare leader. New this year, no supplemental application required. Learn more
Cindy O'Bryant

Explore a community dedicated to health care

Did you know that oncology pharmacists are in high demand? Find out more about this growing field and how our pharmacists are an integral part of the cancer team at one of the top cancer hospitals in the country. Learn how you can become an oncology pharmacist through our PharmD program and work side-by-side with physicians, nurses and pharmacists to provide the best care to cancer patients. View video
research lab

Discover at CU

Ranked a top NIH-funded research school and in the top 15 percent of all schools of pharmacy in the US, our faculty are lauded nationally with education and clinical awards including the ACCP Education Award, and are invited to write the textbook from which all pharmacy students learn. Our students surpass national licensing pass rates and win national competitions, including the ASHP Clinical Skills Competition. Learn more.

Thought Leaders

Faculty member Dan LaBarbera discovered a compound found in natural healing remedies that could treat giardia and "brain eating" amoeba infections. He found that compounds produced from the creosote bush exhibit potent anti-parasitic activity. Learn more about how this exciting finding could provide a new avenue for drug discovery, focusing on plants traditionally used by indigenous people as medicine. View video

Anschutz Interprofessional Education

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Discover why CU’s Anschutz Medical Campus is leading the nation in how it educates the next generation of health care professionals. Find out how students and faculty from all disciplines learn from each other and work together to provide the best outcomes for patients. View the video.


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