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David Bourne, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Image of David Bourne, PhD

Mailing address:

University of Colorado
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mail Stop C238
12850 E. Montview Blvd. V20-4116
Aurora, CO 80045

Office Location:

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (V20)
Fourth Floor
Room 4116



Training and Education:

  • Dipl Pharm, Victorian College of Pharmacy, Australia 1967
  • BPharm, Victorian Institute of Colleges, Australia 1971
  • MS(Honors), University of Kansas, 1973
  • PhD, University of Kansas - Victorian College of Pharmacy (Intersearch) 1974
  • Post-doc (Pharmacokinetics), University of Kentucky, 1974-1977

Research Interests:

Research interests include the study of pharmacokinetic models; including physiologically based models, models involving protein binding, pharmacodynamic models and the development of computer programs for pharmacokinetic analysis (BOOMER). Ancillary to the study of pharmacokinetic models is the development of drug analysis techniques, especially high pressure liquid chromatography. Use of the Internet as a research and teaching resource is a major interest. More recent interest in nanoparticle development.


Professional/Graduate Program: pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics

Recent Publications:

  • Bourne, D.W.A. and A.M. Davison. 2006 Self-paced Instruction of Pharmaceutical Mathematics using a Web Based Database of Questions, Amer J Pharm Educ., 70(5), #116
  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2009 Chapter 3, Pharmacokinetics in Modern Pharmaceutics, Volume 1 Basic Principles and Systems, Florence, A.T and Siepmann, J. eds, 5th ed., Informa Healthcare, New York, NY
  • Agashe, H., Lagisetty, P., Sahoo, K., Bourne, D., Grady, B. and Awasthi, V. 2010 Liposome-encapsulated EF24-HPβCD inclusion complex: a preformulation study and biodistribution in a rat model. J Nanopart Res., Dec 2nd, 1-15
  • Wang, Y., Gao, X., Kuriyavar, S., Bourne, D., Grady, B., Chen, K., Dormer, K. and Kopke, R.D. 2011 Incorporation, release and effectiveness of dexamethasone in poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles for inner ear drug delivery, J. Nanotech. Engineer. Med., 2, 011013 (7 pages)
  • Kadam, R.S., Bourne, D.W.A. and Kompella, U.B. 2012 Nano-advantage in Enhanced Drug Delivery with Biodegradable Nanoparticles: Contribution of Reduced Clearance. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 40(7), 1380-1388
  • Du, X., Chen, K., Kuriyavar, S., Kopke, R.D., Grady, B.P., Bourne, D.W.A., Li, W. and Dormer, K.J. 2013 Magnetic Targeted Delivery of Dexamethasone Acetate across the Round Window Membrane in Guinea Pigs, Otol Neurotol, 34, 41-47
  • Kadam, R., Bourne, D., Kompella, U. and Aquilante, C. 2013 Effect of Cytochrome P450 2C8*3 on the Population Pharmacokinetics in Healthy Caucasian Volunteers, Biol. Pharm. Bull., 36(2) 245-251
  • Aquilante, C., Kosmiski, L., Bourne, D.W.A., Bushman, L., Daily, E., Hammond, K., Hopley, C., Kadam, R., Kanack, A., Kompella, U., Le, M., Predhomme, J., Rower, J. and Sidhom, M., 2013 Impact of the CYP2C8*3 polymorphism on the drug-drug interaction between gemfibrozil and pioglitazone, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 75, 217-226
  • Towner, R.A., Gillespie, D.L., Schwager, A., Saunders, D.G., Smith, N., Njoku, C.E., Krysiak, R.S., Larabee, C., Iqbal, H., Floyd, R.A., Bourne, D.W.A., Abdullah, O., Hsu, E.W. and Jensen, R.L. 2013 Regression of Glioma Tumor Growth in F98 and U87 Rat Glioma Models by the Nitrone, OKN-007. Neuro-Oncology, 15(3), 330-340.


  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2012 Boomer Manual: Basic, Apple iTunes Bookstore
  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2012 Pharmacy Math: A Preview, Apple iTunes Bookstore
  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2012 Pharmacy Math - Part 2, Apple iTunes Bookstore
  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2012 Basic Pharmacokinetics: Truncated, Apple iTunes Bookstore
  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2013 Basic Pharmacokinetics, v1.4 Apple iTunes Bookstore
  • Bourne, D.W.A. 2014 Pharmacy Math - Part 1, v1.5, Apple iTunes Bookstore

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