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Admissions Process

Non-traditional pharmacy student

Applications are accepted at any time for the NTPD Program, provided the application materials are received prior to each semester’s deadline (see below).

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: May 15
  • Spring Semester: October 15


The School of Pharmacy admissions committee reviews the application materials, and the committee reserves the right to require a telephone or in-person interview.

Students may begin the NTPD Program in the spring or fall semester. Acceptance into the NTPD Program will be honored for one year from the start of the semester for which admission was requested. Students who fail to enroll in any course within that year may be required to reapply.

Extension of admissions to the NTPD Program will be determined annually, based on demand.

As a student of the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, you are subject to the same financial fees, academic ethic codes and deadlines as our entry-level PharmD students. You are also subject to the school’s ethics and conduct code.

Application Form

The NTPD Program requires all applicants who received their high school or pharmacy education outside the United States or Canada, except Quebec, to take the internet-based TOEFL exam.

At this time, exceptions to this requirement include:

1) Applicants who have graduated from a foreign institution where the language of instruction for the post-secondary degree(s) was English, as noted on an official transcript or an official letter from the school the applicant graduated.

2) Applicants who have earned a master’s and/or above degree in the US or Canada.


At this time, a minimum composite score of 89 on the internet-based TOEFL exam must be achieved on an exam taken within the past two years. Required minimum scores on each of the individual components of the test are: reading 15, listening 14, speaking 19, and writing 20. Preferred scores for the individual components of the internet-based TOEFL exam are: reading 21, listening 21, speaking 25, and writing 23.


Applicants achieving the required composite score, but who score at or below the preferred individual component levels, will be referred for further English as a Second Language (ESL) testing. The applicant will complete the recommendation(s) identified by the testing process within the first semester enrolled in the NTPD Program, and will be subject to the Technical Standards and Safe Behavior in the Practice Environment policies.

Scores from the internet-based TOEFL exam will serve as one piece of the admissions process. Students may also be referred for ESL testing based on other components of the application process, such as on submitted writing samples and/or interview conversations.


Exam scores cannot be older than two years from the NTPD program application deadline date. If the applicant took the exam more than two years ago, then the applicant will need to retake the exam to complete the admissions process.


Applicants can visit to find more information about and sign up for the TOEFL exam. Applicants should use code number 8776 to indicate the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences North American-Trained PharmD program as the score recipient.


1) Should an applicant receive a low TOEFL score, the applicant may also contact the University of Colorado Denver English as a Second Language program to improve his/her English speaking and communication skills. The University of Colorado Denver English as a Second Language program is located on the downtown Denver campus, and the applicant will complete courses on the downtown Denver campus. Online courses are not offered at this time.

2) The TOEFL requirement and its components are currently under review, and are subject to change. Changes will be posted to this website.

Personal Statement
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