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University of Colorado Denver

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Tuition and Fee Chart

Description and Annual Tuition Rate 2014-2015 {2} {3} {4}

  • Resident of Colorado: $25,599
  • Nonresident: $39,280

Campuswide Fees - Annual Rate

  • Academic Support Services Fee: $150
  • Matriculation Fee (PharmD I): $140 (Not charged if previously enrolled at a CU campus)
  • Student Activity Fee: $20
  • Student Health Insurance: $3,099 {5}

School of Pharmacy Fees

  • Computer Fee (PharmD I, II, III & IV): $100
  • Laboratory Fee (PharmD I, II & III): $150
  • Service Learning Fee (PharmD I): $20
  • Immunization Course Fee (PharmD II): $105
  • Externship Fee (PharmD IV): $200
  • Portfolio Fee (PharmD I, II, III & IV): $30
  • Drug Screening Fee (PharmD IV): $70

Please note: Fee information is provided only for planning purposes. Fees may change at any time.

{1}  The Board of Regents of the University of Colorado reserves the right to change tuition at any time.

{2}  PharmD I, II, III (non-WICHE) students will pay one-half the annual tuition rate per semester, $11,426 resident or $18,879 nonresident.  PharmD I, II, III  (non-WICHE) students taking less than 12 credit hours per semester will pay $952 per credit hour resident, or $1,573 per credit hour nonresident.

{3}  PharmD IV students will pay one-third (1/3) annual tuition rate; the 2011-12 rate of $7,093 resident and $11,777 nonresident will apply for the Summer '12 semester.  For the Fall '12 and Spring '13 semesters, $7,527 for residents or $12,586 for nonresidents.

{4}  Full time PharmD I and II students participating in the WICHE program will pay non-resident tuition rates less a WICHE amount of $7,100 per student. (1/2 of the annual amount per semester) Full time PharmD III and IV students participating in the WICHE program will pay resident tuition rates. (as delineated in {3} and {4} above)

{5} All students registered for 5.0 or more hours must have some type of health insurance.  However, students do not have to take the UCD Anschutz Medical Campus Health Insurance option or participate in the program, if they have their own insurance.  Students must show they have comparable insurance through their family, or other appropriate coverage, and insurance fees will be waived. Please visit their website at

NOTE:  This chart is published by the Office of Student Services and is for planning purposes only.  Actual bills are calculated by the Bursar’s Office. ​​