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PharmD Program

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How many years is the PharmD Program?
Can I take PharmD classes in the evening, part time or online?
How many years will it take for me to complete the pre-pharmacy course work?
What kinds of experiences, paid and volunteer, will help me get into pharmacy school?
I have a pharmacy degree from another country. How do I get licensed?
I am a student enrolled in a PharmD program at another school. Does the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy accept transfer students into the program?
I have a previous degree. Can my prerequisites be waived?
My math and science coursework is more than ten years old. Do I have to repeat it?
Do I have to have a degree to apply to the PharmD program?
Do you accept prerequisite courses from a community college?
My school does not require me to take one of your prerequisites for my major. Do I have to still take it?
My school does not offer one of your prerequisite courses. Do I have to still take it?
Can I take my prerequisite courses online?

Regular Applicant for Admission

What’s the deadline for regular admission?

The application deadline for the PharmD program is currently June 1st. However, we may extend the deadline and will notify applicants if the deadline is extended. Be sure to complete your application on and e-submit your PharmCAS application.

I experienced technical difficulties on PharmCAS and could not get the application submitted by the deadline. Will you accept it late?
I haven’t completed all my prerequisites. Can I still apply?
What is the latest PCAT test date you accept?
If I took the MCAT, do I have to take the PCAT as well?
How many times can I take the PCAT/MCAT?
What’s the average GPA of accepted students?
How are repeated courses calculated?
What’s the average PCAT score for accepted students?)
When will I hear if I will be offered an interview?
When will I hear if I am accepted?

Early Decision Applicant

What’s the early decision deadline?
What is the latest PCAT test date you accept for early decision applicants?
What is the latest MCAT test date you accept for early decision applicants?
Can I still be finishing prerequisites when I apply?
When will I hear if I’ve been offered an interview?
When will I hear the results of my interview?
What if I am denied?
What if I get accepted?
What if I get accepted but want to go to a different school?

Person Denied

Can I apply again?
What would strengthen my application?
How many times can I take the PCAT?

Applicants required to do a telephone based Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

What will happen during the telephone based OPI?

Offered an Interview

Where do the interviews take place?
What happens on interview day?
Do I need to dress up?
How long will it take?
Will food be provided?
What should I do in the case of severe weather?
Can I obtain the interview questions in advance?
Who interviews me?
Do I need to bring anything with me?
When will I hear if I am accepted?
When should I apply for financial aid?


When do I need to confirm my acceptance?
When will I receive further information about starting the program?
Do I have to pay a deposit to hold my spot on the program?
Will the deposit be refunded?
When do my prerequisite classes need to be completed?
When do my final transcripts need to be mailed?
When do I need to have my CPR certification and immunizations completed?
How and when do I get information on how to apply for the diversity scholarship?
When will I get my financial aid award letters?