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PhD in Toxicology

About the Program

The average time to earn a PhD from the program is 5.5 years. Currently, there are 29 students enrolled in the program, representing a 34 percent increase over enrollment from 2002. Students originate from at least four different countries and 52 percent are female.

All regular full time departmental faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are formal members of the Toxicology graduate program and can take students into their laboratories if appropriate, but there is a core group of faculty who are most active in this program. The core training faculty members are listed below. Ad additional 13 faculty have primary appointments outside the department.

Faculty Research Interest

  • Jared Brown, PhD. Nanotechnology and nanotoxicology
  • Rajesh Agarwal, PhD. Cancer prevention and therapy
  • Peter Anderson, PhD. Antiviral Clinical Pharmacology
  • Kristofer Fritz, PhD. Oxidative stress and alcohol toxicity
  • Molly Huntsman, PhD. Neurophysiology of autism and epilepsy
  • Cynthia Ju, PhD. Innate immunity and hepatotoxicity
  • Manisha Patel, PhD. Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and oxidative stress
  • Dennis Petersen, PhD. Oxidative stress and liver injury
  • Richard Radcliffe, PhD. Neuronal pathways and behavior
  • James Roede, PhD. Neurodegeneration, oxidative stress, and environmental toxicants
  • David Ross, PhD. Quinone toxicity and quinone reductases
  • Robert Scheinman, PhD. Immunology, gene regulation, inflammatory disease states
  • Michael Wempe, PhD. Drug discovery: DMPK

Toxicology Graduate Program, External Faculty

  • Alison Bauer, PhD. School of Public Health
  • Lawrence J. Berliner, PhD. University of Denver
  • Greg Bogden, PhD. Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug
  • James Crapo, PhD. National Jewish Medical Research Center
  • Brian Day, PhD. National Jewish Medical Research Center
  • Richard Dart, MD, PhD. Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug
  • Sonia Flores, PhD. School of Medicine
  • Andrew Fontenot, PhD. School of Medicine
  • Brian Freed, PhD. School of Medicine
  • Joe McCord, PhD. Webb-Waring Research Institute
  • Robert Murphy, PhD. National Jewish Medical Research Center
  • David Orlicky, PhD. School of Medicine
  • Berrin Serdar, MD, PhD. School of Public Health
  • Carl White, MD, PhD. National Jewish Medical Research Center