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PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

About the Program

The average time to earn a PhD from the program is 5.5 years. The program currently has 27 enrolled students, representing a 17 percent increase over enrollment in 2002. Students originate from three different countries and 44 percent are female.

The student stipend for 2014-2015 is $27,000 per year. Based on the rules of the UCD graduate school, all PhD students in good academic standing are guaranteed financial support. All regular full-time departmental faculty in DOPS are formal members of the pharmaceutical sciences graduate program and can take students into their laboratories if appropriate, but there is a core group of faculty who are most active in this program. The core training faculty is listed below, as are the additional faculty who have primary appointments outside the department.

Faculty and Research Interest

  • Thomas Anchordoquy, PhD. Synthetic delivery systems of nucleic-acids based therapies
  • Peter L. Anderson, PharmD. Clinical pharmacology of anti- viral medications
  • Christina L. Aquilante, PharmD. Patient-oriented clinical pharmacogenomics
  • David L. Bain, PhD. Molecular mechanisms of gene regulation
  • John Carpenter, PhD. Protein formulations
  • Jennifer Kiser, PharmD. Antiretroviral clinical pharmacology
  • Uday Kompella, PhD. Nanotechnology of drug delivery
  • Daniel V. LaBarbera, PhD. Anti-cancer drug discovery
  • Krishna M.G. Mallela, PhD. Mechanisms of protein folding
  • Vanessa Phelan, PhD. Microbiome; Natural Products; Specialized Metabolites; Mass Spectrometry; Metabolomics; Metabolic Exchange; Opportunistic Pathogens; Cystic Fibrosis​
  • Dmitri Simberg, PhD.

Pharmaceutical Sciences External Faculty

  • Brian Day, PhD. National Jewish Health
  • Steven Dow, PhD. Colorado State University
  • Brent Kendrick, PhD. Amgen, Inc.
  • Dhinakar Kompala, PhD. University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Corrine Lengsfield, PhD. University of Denver
  • Mark Manning, PhD. Legacy Biosystems
  • Joe McCord, PhD. Webb Waring Institute
  • Mariane McCollum, PhD. Regis University
  • Theodore Randolph, PhD. University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Dennis Roop, PhD. School of Medicine