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University of Colorado Denver


PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research Track

About the Program

About the Program

The average time to earn a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research Track is 5 years.  The program has been in its current form since 2007 with the addition of new faculty members in 2009 and 2010 and the inauguration of the Center for Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research (CePOR) in 2011. 

Currently there are five students enrolled in the program; our enrollment goal is to have six to ten students at various stages of training.  We would ideally accept one to three new students per year, carefully selected to match with our goals and philosophies.  Once selected, our faculty devote much time and energy to assist the student in completing their doctoral training.  In order to achieve this, we desire to maintain low student to faculty ratios.

In order to develop leaders in pharmaceutical outcomes research, we combine didactic and experiential education and training. Didactic coursework is often taken with students from public health and clinical science disciplines, allowing for a multi-disciplinary educational experience. Students also conduct one primary data collection during their tenure as graduate students.  We have a structured, rigorous, and student-tailored educational program in outcomes research.  We seek students who are interested in the use of pharmaceuticals and other health care interventions in patient care, and want a small personalized program.