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University of Colorado Denver


Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency

Residency Program Information

Purpose Statement
Residency Program (ASHP Accredited)
Required Rotations / Learning Experiences:
Elective Rotations (including but not limited to):
Administration Time
Overview of PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Requirements
Major Project
Teaching and Education
Time Off
Service to the Institution

Residents are required to provide a determined number of service hours to the hospital to be completed by staffing a combination of operational, clinical, and transitions of care shifts.  This commitment cannot be satisfied before the end of the residency year by working additional shifts early in the year.  PGY1 residents will be scheduled in a variety of roles so that they will gain experience in a wide range of service opportunities. It is required that the resident become a licensed pharmacist.  Information on becoming licensed in Colorado can be found by visiting the following site:

Residents may work flex hours at UCH for pay in addition to their service obligations.  Residents are required to work one minor holiday (i.e. Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents Day) and one major holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's).

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