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Current Residents

Gerald Guirard

Gerald Guirard was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He attended Louisiana State University in his hometown and completed his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. He then attended Xavier University of Louisiana for pharmacy school and received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Gerald is very much looking forward to the cooler weather of Colorado and is happy to be escaping the unforgiving Louisiana heat in the heart of summer. Gerald is also looking forward to exploring the many hiking opportunities that Colorado has to offer as he enjoys the outdoors. His professional interest include critical care, academia, industry and ambulatory care. After his PGY1 year, he plans to pursue a fellowship for the position of Medical Science Liaison. He intends to follow up this fellowship with a job in the Pharmaceutical Industry for this very same position. The main thing Gerald is looking forward to outside of work is to begin skiing again! He has not done it since he was a child and has nothing but exciting memories of his time on the mountains.​