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University of Colorado Denver

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Professional Curriculum


The intent of offering elective courses is to provide students with an opportunity to engage in learning experiences beyond those included in the required curriculum. Consistent with ACPE standards for professional programs leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, multiple opportunities are provided throughout the curriculum for students to take elective courses that develop areas of personal interest, to expand understanding of professional opportunities, and to achieve the outcomes of the curriculum.

The following policies apply to courses that can be taken for elective credit:

  1. A course for elective credit can be offered to and taken by any student in the first three years of the curriculum (P1-P3) provided: a) the student has satisfied the prerequisites for the course and b) the course does not conflict with other courses being taken by the student.
  2. Independent study courses may be used to meet elective requirements of the curriculum provided that the course does not conflict with other courses being taken by the student. 
  3. The content of an elective must be tied to the School's ability-based outcomes and complement or enhance the core curriculum. 
  4. Students are encouraged to take elective courses in more than one topic area.  In addition, students may take more than the required number of credit hours of elective courses.
  5. For elective courses in which the number of students is limited, those students needing to fulfill their minimal elective requirements (i.e., have less than the required credit hours of elective courses) will be given highest priority and in the following order:  P3s first, P2s second, P1s third and lastly any student who has already completed the required credit hours of elective courses. After these criteria have been met, allocation will be on order of registration. Extenuating academic circumstances may dictate a change in this order.
  6. Additional tuition expenses may be incurred for elective courses taken during the summer.
  7. All elective course requirements must be completed before a student is permitted to progress to the P4 year.


Students graduating before 2016

Students in the University of Colorado Doctor of Pharmacy program who will graduate before 2016 are required to complete a minimum of four credit hours of elective coursework that are not within the experiential curricula.


Students graduating in 2016 and beyond

Students in the University of Colorado Doctor of Pharmacy program who graduate in 2016 and after are required to complete a minimum of six elective credit hours, in three different courses, of which two credit hours must be "P3 only" electives offered in the spring of the P3 year.


PHRD 7801/7802: Principles of Clinical Pharmacology (P3 only)
PHRD 7845: Advanced Self Care (P3 only)
PHRD 7850: Geriatric Pharmacy (P3 only)
PHRD 7857: Compounding
PHRD 7860: Complementary and Alternate Medicine
PHRD 7865: Film and Health Care
PHRD 7870: Pediatric Pharmacy (P3 only)
PHRD 7880: Women’s Health (P3 only)
PHRD 7885: Acute Care Therapy (P3 only)
PHRD 7890: Advanced Oncology Pharmacy (P3 only)
PHRD 7895: Beginning Medical Spanish
PHRD 7896: Intermediate Medical Spanish