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University of Colorado Denver


Professional Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The doctor of pharmacy curriculum at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy is innovative and dynamic. Modifications are made on an annual basis to improve the overall program. However, the core essence of having multiple curricular themes is always preserved. These curricular theses include the following: foundational sciences; pharmacy and health care; integrated clinical sciences; instructional methods; ethics; professional skills development; capstone; and experiential. There are also elective courses, and the opportunity for students to enroll in independent study courses.

The first three years of the curriculum consists primarily of didactic courses with some experiential training. Didactic courses utilize a mixture of active, problem-based, and lecture based learning modalities, while experiential courses (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences) occur outside of the university classroom setting in patient care sites. The fourth year of the curriculum is exclusively experiential training (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences) in pharmacy practice sites. Didactic courses are a mixture of graded and pass/fail. All experiential courses are pass/fail.

Foundational Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Care
Integrated Organ Sciences
Instructional Methods
Professional Skills Development