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University of Colorado Denver


Become a Preceptor


Colorado Community Pharmacy Preceptors

Please contact Wendy Anderson at 303-724-2619 or


Colorado Health System Pharmacy Preceptors

Please contact Belinda Temple at 303-724-5679 or 


Colorado Medical Provider Preceptors

MD, DO, PA, NP - All specialties

Please contact Belinda Temple at 303-724-5679 or 


Outside Colorado - Domestic/International Pharmacy Preceptors

Please contact Meredith Cole at 303-724-9289 or 



Experiential Program


2016-2017 Request for Preceptor IPPE and P4 APPE Availability

  1. Pharmacy preceptors: Please review the Descriptions of Experiences and complete the Preceptor Availability Form
    -This survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete; and once begun, the user must submit (i.e., there is no 'save for later' feature). Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent. To make changes, you may either complete the survey again (the latest submission will be utilized); or to make small changes, please send the information to

  2. Current APPE/aIPPE preceptor? Please review/update your E*Value Rotation Description. 

  3. New APPE/aIPPE preceptor? Or new rotation? Complete and return an APPE Practice Site Survey (click "cancel", "cancel" if prompted to login).

  4. Additional information, including syllabi, may be found in the "announcements" section of the E*Value home page. Log in is required.

General Preceptor Information

The work performed by preceptors in supervising and training pharmacy students is valued by the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS). Accreditation standards require students to complete substantial amounts of experiential training and it is recognized that SSPPS would not meet accreditation standards without the support of the practice community in providing practice sites and preceptors, including community pharmacists, health systems pharmacists and providers in the medical community. 

Preceptor Licensure

Beginning on July 1, 2012, the State of Colorado no longer requires preceptors to be licensed. SSPPS asks that preceptors be practicing for at least 1 year before becoming a preceptor.  Please contact Wendy Anderson or Belinda Temple to become a preceptor.

Preceptor Development

The University of Colorado School of Pharmacy is pleased to offer participation in the Excellence in Precepting Cooperative through Pharmacist's Letter. As a valued member of our preceptor community you will have access to the materials of the Preceptor Training and Resource Network (PTRN), which provides up to 16 hours of free live or home-study CE and tools for effective precepting and professional development. For a brief outline of the program details, download the PTRN information sheet.

We welcome you to take advantage of this resource provided by the Office of Experiential Programs.

Preceptors are encouraged to take this FREE online continuing education program developed by APhA and NACDS Foundation. The Community Pharmacist Preceptor Education Program contains valuable information for all preceptors.

Library Resources

Highlights of the Anschutz Medical Campus Health Sciences Library. Resources available to preceptors include:

  • Off-campus free access to PubMed as well as free online journals.
  • Other databases and electronic journals are available in the library.
  • Free borrowing card, may check out materials.
  • Librarian-assisted literature searches are available for a fee.
  • Current list of classes, which may be viewed by clicking on the 'Anschutz Medical Campus Health Sciences Library' link above.
  • Interlibrary loans and photocopies of library materials are available for a fee. Copies can be delivered electronically, by fax or by U.S. mail.

Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the release of information about a student to any person outside the university community or to any university personnel without a legitimate educational reason to know. More detailed information is available on the university’s Guidelines for Sharing Student Information page.