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PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research Track

Curriculum Details

Required Courses

BIOS 6611/6612

Biostatistical Methods I and Biostatistical Methods II

EPID 6630


PHSC 7620

Research Design and Methodology in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research

HSMP 6604

Health Care Economics

EPID 6631

Analytical Epidemiology

PHSC 7611

Pharmacoeconomics (Campbell)

PHSC 7613

Pharmaceutical and Drug Related Policy (Nair)

PHSC 7615

Pharmacoepidemiology (Valuck)

PHSC 7570

Graduate Student Seminar

PHSC 7911

Research Practicum

Total Required Core Course Credits for All Students

CLSC 8990

Doctoral Thesis

Approved Elective Courses

BIOS 6643

Analysis of Longitudinal Data

BIOS 6646

Survival Analysis

BIOS 6648/6649

Design of Clinical Trials and Experiments (can take 6648 OR 6649)

BIOS 6649

Design of Studies in the Health Sciences

BIOS 6659

Statistical Methods in Genomics

BIOS 6680

SAS Programming for Data Analysis

BIOS 6683

Introduction to Health Information Technology

BIOS 7711-7713

Advanced Statistical Methods Courses

CBHS 6620

Survey Research

ECON 5813

Econometrics I (UCD downtown campus)

ECON 5823

Econometrics II (UCD downtown campus)

EPID 6632

Advanced Epidemiology

EPID 6646

Introduction to Systematic Reviews

EPID 6635

Epidemiology of Communicable Disease

EPID 6636

Chronic Disease Epidemiology

EPID 6638

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

EPID 6639

Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology

HSMP 6603

Health Care Systems

HSMP 6609

Cost Benefit and Effectiveness in Health

HSMP 6617

Introduction to Health Services Research

HSMP 6625

Methods in Health Services Research

The program’s strengths in outcomes research are emphasized in 35 credits of several areas:

  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Economics
  • Health Policy
  • Research/Study Design
  • Doctoral Thesis

The program has experience in accessing a multitude of data such as MEPS, PHARMetrics, University Health-System, Consortium and MarketScan. Students are encouraged to utilize these datasets as well as primary data collection. Students may enroll in courses not listed (e.g courses in downtown campuses and/or newly developed courses) by consulting with the program director.