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PhD Programs

PhD in Toxicology

While there is considerable overlap between the two programs, the Molecular Toxicology Graduate Program​ focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying the toxic effects of therapeutic agents, industrial chemicals and environmental toxins. An integral component of this program is investigation and characterization of the genetic components that underlie an organism's or tissue's resistance or susceptibility to toxic agents.

The PhD program in Toxicology trains graduate students to become proficient and successful investigators who are able to:  

  1. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of central concepts in the biomedical sciences.
  2. Understand the current concepts in toxicology.
  3. Read and critically evaluate the ​scientific literature.
  4. Generate hypotheses based on current concepts in the field. Then design, conduct, and interpret their own research projects.
  5. Communicate research results effectively through oral presentations at scientific seminars, conferences, and other venues.
  6. Present research results in national meetings, peer-reviewed publications and in a dissertation.
  7. Write a grant proposal.

SSPPS Graduate Program Seminar Series