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Distinguished Coloradan Award

The Distinguished Coloradan Award is the School of Pharmacy’s most prestigious award and is bestowed annually by the faculty to individuals who have excelled in their own professional careers and who have provided exceptional support to the school and/or the profession of pharmacy. The award was created in 1995 as a way for the faculty to recognize those in the community who support the same ideals that guide faculty in their daily work as pharmacy educators, researchers and practitioners.

Recipients of the Distinguished Coloradan Award

Exemplifying excellence as pharmacy educators, researchers and practitioners, these individuals continue to serve as role models:

  • 2017: Sheldon Steinhauser
  • 2016: Tim Mead
  • 2015: Wendy Anderson
  • 2014: Ron Kennedy
  • 2013: Nancy and David Lamb
  • 2012: Don Colcord
  • 2011: Grant Kinn
  • 2010: Charles Sintek
  • 2009: Paul Limberis, Donna Lynne
  • 2008: Mary Newell
  • 2007: Torrie Smith, Elizabeth Pace, Donna Lindsey
  • 2006: Al Lodwick, Mark Spitz
  • 2005: James Hertel, Kevin Tripp
  • 2004: Warren Heim, Kathryn Kalsman, Kent Nelson
  • 2003: Debra Devereaux, John Palmer, Bobbie Riley
  • 2002: Cindi Gelman, Dennis Helling
  • 2001: Annibel Gardner, Marguerite Holden
  • 2000: Kenneth Chao, Allan Collins