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Classroom Activities and Resources for Teachers

We know that you're interested in providing the best experiences for your students. That's why we've come up with some unique activities that will help your students understand the science behind pharmacy. The following activities will provide you and your students with hours of useful material.

The Acetaminophen Challenge/OTC Overdose

This activity tests math, reading comprehension and attention to detail, and provides a realistic health care scenario that highlights the potential risks involved in taking too much of a commonly used over-the-counter medication. Download the activity sheet and the answer key PDFs that are available below and watch our instruction video now.

Hint: you may want to laminate several activity sheets, so they can be reused. Then have your students use an erasable black marker to fill in their answers. Also, have on hand a calculator or instruct the students to use their cell phone calculator function to complete the multiplication and addition steps.


Check out our video instructions for this activity. We'll walk you through what you need to know and do.


Acetaminophen Activity thumbnailCalculate if this patient is in danger of liver failure because of too much over-the-counter medication

Answer Key:

Medication Tracking Card thumbnailAcetaminophen/OTC Over Dose Challenge Activity Answer Key (PDF)