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Shared Instrumentation

The major, shared instrumentation that is currently available to Colorado IDDRC members is listed below.  The Center maintains these instruments.   The equipment is located on the 4th floor, RC1 North.  For access to equipment and further information, contact Frank Frerman.

Shared Instrumentation of the IDDRC
Shimadzu UV-2401PC UV-VIS recording spectrophotometer
Shimadzu 5301PC spectrofluorophotometer
Beckman Syetem Gold high performance liquid chromatograph
Hewlett-Packard 89090A diode array spectrophotometer
General Electric Acta FPLC
Savant lyophilizer
Beckman LS 3801 liquid scintillation counter
Beckman TL-100 ultracentrifuge
Beckman J-21 centrifuge
2 Beckman J-25 (Avanti) centrifuges
Beckman L8-M ultracentrifuge
ABI 7500Fast Real Time PCR
For fluorescence imaging Colorado IDDRC members have access to a General Electric Typhoon 9410 multi-mode fluorescence laser scanner/phosphorimager.  This instrument, equipped with three lasers and capable of scanning gels, blots, storage phosphor screens, tissue sections, and multi-well plates is located in the area occupied by the Biomolecular Structure Program and easily accessible to Center members. 

Contact the Colorado IDDRC

Phone: 303-724-3839 • Fax: 303-724-3838

Mailing Address: Mail Stop 8313, 12800 E. 19th Avenue • Aurora, CO 80045


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