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Research Development

School of Medicine

The Office of Research Development oversees resources and sets research priorities for the School of Medicine. 

Announcement on pending reviews will be reported from the Dean's Office via email to Department Chairs and Senate Directors well before the deadline application.

Committees under the auspices of the Office or Research Development include:

These four committees serve as advisory to the Dean. The RAC and CTRAC are also advisory to the Vice Chancellor for Research.   



Research Retreat

School of Medicine faculty participated in a research retreat in 2009 in which six groups proposed new initiatives directed at taking the quality and productivity of campus research to a significantly higher level.
All six received strong endorsement by the faculty and are being assigned substantial funding by then-Dean Richard Krugman, MD.
They include:

  • A centralized microscopy core with new high-end microscopes (CARS, STED)
  • A translational genomics core with support for staff teaching of new users
  • A vascular biology core to underpin obesity, cardiovascular, and pulmonary research
  • A translational research imaging core (small and large animals and humans)
  • Expansion of campus obesity research
  • Expansion of neuroscience research through inclusion of patient/disease research in clinical departments.

All of these initiatives have components focused on training students and postdoctoral fellows in state-of-the-art science.