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Research Advisory Committee

School of Medicine

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) was established by the Research Strategic Plan of 2003 as a way to advise the Dean of the School of Medicine on matters related to research, and it now also advises the Vice Chancellor for Research. The committee meets monthly.
RAC has recommended in the past that a center for stem-cell biology and regenerative medicine should be established and that a campus child-care facility should be constructed as a means of retaining research faculty—and as the right thing to do.
The RAC selected the six proposals to be presented at the research retreat of 2009, collated faculty reviews and prioritization submitted at the conclusion of the retreat, which was an important basis for funding decisions, and critiqued the budgets submitted by the retreat–proposed programs.
Over this past year the RAC recommended that consideration of the proposal to reorganize the basic science departments should proceed with high priority, and the committee constructed
and obtained outside input on a list of research priorities to inform the Dean, deanship candidates, and the new Dean.

Research Advisory Committee 

Members 2015-16*

Steve Abman - Pediatrics (’18)
Kate Horwitz - Endocrinology/Medicine (’17)
Mark Johnston - BMG (’16)
David Jones - Pharmacology (’18)
Jeff Kieft - BMG (’18)
Doug Novins - Psychiatry (’18)
Tom Purcell- Med/Oncology (’16)
Hugo Rosen - Med/GI (’18)
Mary Weiser-Evans - Med/Renal (’16) Chair

Ex Officio
Peter Buttrick - Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Spero Manson - Associate Dean, Research, CSPH
Fred Suchy - Pediatrics/CHC CRO/Dean’s Office
Dick Traystman - VC for Research
Mollie Young - Director, Facilities & Planning
Dick Johnston - Associate Dean, Research Development, SOM
*Year to rotate off in July given in parentheses

2005: Larry Hunter, Peggy Neville
2006: Tom Blumenthal, Bob Hodges, Hari Koul, John Steiner
2007: Frank Accurso, Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann (Chair, 2003-05), Bill Hay, Kathryn Howell (Chair, 2005-06), Andy Kramer
2008: Tim Byers, Bob Murphy
2009: Frank deGruy, Diego Restrepo (Chair, 2008-09), Jane Reusch (Chair,
          2006-08), Ann Thor
2010: Peter Buttrick (Chair, 2009-2010), Angie Ribera, Dennis Roop
2011: Ben Honigman, Lee Niswander (Chair 2010-11)
2012: Amy Brooks-Kayal, Sean Colgan, Claude Selitrennikoff (Chair 2011-12), David West
2013: Randy Holmes, Rick Johnson, Maggie Wierman (Chair, 2012-13)
2014: Bob Sclafani (Chair, 2013-14), Holly Wyatt
2015: Bruce Appel, Tim Benke (Chair, 2014-15), Mair Churchill, Jim McManaman