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Vascular Imaging

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The Cardiovascular BioImaging Core offers noninvasive imaging techniques in vascular ultrasound to provide a comprehensive assessment of vascular health in pediatrics and adults. These ultrasound-based modalities provide non-invasive and cost-effective measures of vascular health which can detect preclinical dysfunction, inform prognosis, assess risk, track responses to therapy, and assess cardiovascular side effects of non-cardiovascular therapies. The imaging techniques currently available include quantitative assessment of:

Endothelial function using flow-mediated dilation (FMD) of conduit arteries including the brachial, femoral and radial arteries.
Arterial stiffness/compliance of central and peripheral arteries including the carotid artery.

Carotid intimal medial thickness (c-IMT), a surrogate measure of atherosclerosis
Quantitative assessment of smooth muscle cell function using dilation response to nitroglycerine.

Arterial blood flow of peripheral arteries including carotid, femoral, and brachial.

Vascular Imaging Services and Costs ($31.25/15min/NIH rate or $175/15min/industry studies)

(Adult and Pediatric)
Estimated sonographer time (hours) Estimated reader time (hours)
Conduit artery FMD for endothelial function 1.0 0.5
Conduit artery FMD + nitroglycerine-medicated dilation for vascular smooth muscle cell (VSCM) function 1.5 1.0
Peripheral arterial vascular compliance 0.5 0.25
IMT 0.25 0.25
Conduit artery blood flow TBD depending on investigators outcome