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Rates and Fee Structures

Translational Research Networking and Preclinical Models (TRNPM) Services and Fee Structure for users within the CU system. Prices below are subsidized by the Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Dean’s Transformation Initiative (CU School of Medicine).  Further reduced rates are available for preliminary data that will be used in future grant applications, please inquire if your study qualifies. 

Users outside the CU system, please inquire about non-academic, non-subsidized pricing.



service fee

​Initial project support ​Discussion of research project needs, a high-level view of experimental design and timeline, and associated analyses and services ​FREE
​Experimental design​ support ​Design of experiment including number of mice, treatments, time-course and flow cytometry panel design for analysis of Human Immune System mouse lymph tissue ​NA $295​




BRGS ​BRGS (BALB/c Rag2-/- IL2Rγ -/-  SIRPα NOD mice)
CD34-CB-HSC BRGS ​Human Immune System mice generated from CD34+ HSCs from cord blood at birth and verified by two bleeds to be >25% human, > 15 weeks ​per mouse ​$265
Hu-PBMC BRGS ​Human Immune System mice generated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from adult blood or cord blood and injected into adult BRGS immunodeficient mice. Human chimerism verified at 2 weeks post injection. Mice develop GVHD and should be used between 2-4 weeks and typically reconstitute with a predominate activated T cell populationand approximately 15% B cells.​ per mouse ​$200
Hu-CBMC BRGS Immunodeficient mouse humanized by injection with human cord blood (CB) mononuclear cells (MCs). per mouse ​$200
Human Immun  Mouse Tissue Harvest ​Harvest of lymph tissue, including lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, thymus, blood, and/or sera, and tumors or other organs of interest (e.g. liver for infection). Typically, this includes preparing single cell suspensions for flow cytometry and can include freezing sections for histology or RNA preparation. ​Included in flow and analysis
CD34-FLT-BRGS ​Human Immune System mice using CD34+ fetal liver (FL) hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and co-implantation of matched thymus.  Human Immune System mice are verified for >25% human chimerism in blood. ​per mouse ​coming soon
CD34-BM-BRGS ​Human Immune System mice using CD34+ from bone marrow (BM) hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) at birth and verified for >25% human chimerism in blood ​per mouse ​coming soon
*Listed fees are subject to change – please contact team members to verify pricing




Flow and Analysis
(standard package)
​Cell staining with pre-designed antibody panels to distinguish human lymphocyte and monocyte cells, their activation and functional status. This panel typically includes staining for CD4 and CD8 T cells, Treg, B cells and plasmablasts, dendritic cells, monocytes and myeloid cells, MDSCs, activated and memory lymphocytes and IFNγ secreting cells. Option for customization. ​per batch
(4 mice, 3 organs per mouse, 5 stains)
​Flow and Analysis
(additional organs)
​Same as ‘standard package’ above but with additional organ analysis ​per additional organ ​$810
Flow and Analysis
(additional mouse)
​Same as ‘standard package’ above but with additional mice ​per additional mouse ​$530




Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) ​ELISA assays designed to measure human proteins in sera of Human Immune System mice without cross reactivity with mouse proteins. ​initial single plate ​$340
ELISA (additional plate) ​Additional ELISA plate ​$50
*Listed fees are for additional ELISA plates measuring the same protein as the initial single plate.
Measurement of a different protein is considered an initial single plate.