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HIMSR resources for analyses of the immune response

​HIMSR will help you cover all of your analysis needs by offering self-service and fee-for-service access to state-of-the-art analysis software.

inForm is an automated image analysis software package that uses trainable algorithms in​​ a user-friendly interface to accurately visualize and quantify biomarkers in tissue sections from the Vectra 3.0 and Vectra Polaris. Capability includes phenotyping, co-localization, co-expression, tissue region detection (e.g. tumor versus stroma), nearest-neighbor quantification, and traditional scoring functions. Cell type identification and localization allows downstream analyses including density of each cell type within each tissue, quantification of cell-cell contacts, and distances between cell types and tissue types. This software is available for use on a dedicated analysis station within the HIMSR (sign up for time on the iLab calendar) or, for larger projects, check out a copy of inform from the HIMSR ($). We offer periodic workshops to help you get started with inForm and Phenoptr Reports and Akoya Biosciences’ also have great new videos on how to use these softwares [inForm and Phenoptr Reports​].

The FlowJo™ workspace is used for a variety of cytometry quantification analyses, including immunophenotyping, cell cycle, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, and plate screening assays. This software is available through the Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Core​.

MIBItracker Software (scroll to bottom of webpage)
MIBItracker is a cloud-based software that lets you easily review slide and image data. It is easily accessible through a web browser. You can customize the display for each image or image set including selecting channels for overlay, setting channel relative intensity, pixel smoothing, and channel pseudo-color.​​