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The Child Development Unit

The Children's Hospital

The Child Development Unit (CDU) at The Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado provides diagnostic and treatment services for children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, or behavioral problems. The multidisciplinary staff of the CDU conducts comprehensive evaluations that involve an integrated team of developmental pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech/language pathologists, developmental specialists, and psychologists. Based on this broad, multidisciplinary evaluation, a complete picture of a child's medical concerns as well as his or her physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities is developed and an appropriate treatment plan is created.

The staff in the CDU sees children with a variety of developmental concerns, including fragile X syndrome. Each member of the multidisciplinary team has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of individuals affected by fragile X. In addition to providing direct care for affected children, the CDU offers a social skills group for adult women with fragile X syndrome. CDU faculty also are involved in the conduct of important research examining fragile X syndrome in children and adults.

For more information about the Child Development Unit, call (303) 861-6630 or visit the CDU's web site.