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Stakeholder Advisory Board

Colorado Long-Term Care Research Partnership

We are learning how important it is to consider the perspectives, insights and recommendations of a wide range of people who share our common goal of providing great care to people as they age. This is why we've created this group of academic researchers, community partners, residents, staff, caregivers, administrators and consultants in medical ethics and research.

To help make research in nursing homes more successful, a Stakeholder Advisory Board has been formed to:

  1. ​Provide feedback to researchers regarding the importance and feasibility of research protocols in nursing facilities.
  2. Provide a “sounding board” for research ideas and research/community partnerships.

  3. Facilitate connections between community and academic researchers and facility personnel. 

Topics we have covered include:

  • What is nursing home research?

  • Transitioning from nursing home to emergency departments

  • Diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTI)

  • Monitoring heart failure symptoms

  • Planning conferences related to post-acute care

Are you interested in getting information about joining our board?