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Neuroscience Program Journal Club

The Neuroscience Program runs a student led journal club for graduate students.

2016/17 Journal Club Schedule

Below is the schedule for journal club (may be subject to change), as well as a brief description of the speaker’s research. Journal clubs will be held on select Wednesdays or Thursdays at 10am; breakfast will be provided. We will be continuing the journal club format where we will be hosting journal club with select speakers (held on Tuesday, the day of seminar, at 10am). ALL Journal Clubs will be held in RC1N 4109.


Tues. September 13 (w/Speaker) – Ethan Hughes, PhD, University of Colorado

Th​urs. September 22 – Scott Baraban, PhD, University of California San Francisco

Thurs. September 29 – Lori Isom, PhD, Michigan Medical School

Thurs. October 6 – Renee Read, PhD, Emory University

Wed. October 12 – Paul Garrity, PhD, Brandeis University

Tues. October 25 (w/Speaker) – Mark Nelson, PhD, University of Vermont

Wed. November 2 – Ursula Kaiser, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Tues. March 7 (w/Speaker) – Kafui Dzirasa, PhD, Duke University

Thurs. March 16 – Freda Miller, PhD, University of Toronto

Tues. April 11 (w/Speaker)– Kathryn Albers, PhD, University of Pittsburgh​

Tues. May 2 (w/Speaker) – Alex Keene, PhD, Florida Atlantic University