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First Year Curriculum

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Number Title Units
NRSC 7650 Research in Neuroscience 1
  Total Units: 1

Course: NRSC 7650 - Research in Neuroscience
Course Director: selected Faculty
Course Description: Research rotations allow students to become familiar with potential thesis labs and projects. Students perform independent research projects of limited scope during both semesters. Seminars describing the work are presented mid-fall semester, one at the end of the fall semester and one during the last week of the spring semester. Three rotations of NRSC 7650 must be completed before the beginning of the Fall semester of the second year.
NRSC 7600: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology - 3 Units
IDPT 7811, 7812, 7813, 7814, & 7815 (001 courses): Biomedical Sciences Core Course - 10 Units
NRSC 7650: Research in Neuroscience Rotation I and II - 1 (unit each)
NRSC 7662: Neuroscience Seminar - 1 Unit
Course Director: Angie Ribera, Ph.D., Neuroscience Program Director and Sukumar Vijayaraghavan, Ph.D, Neuroscience Graduate Training Chair
Course Description: Seminar series taken by all Neuroscience students during Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters during every year of training. Presentation of recent important findings in Neuroscience by faculty, students, and invited guest lecturers. Students must attend all seminars, guest speaker lunches and journal clubs.
  Total Units: 15
NRSC 7610: Fundamentals of Neurobiology (Begins in early January) - 4 Units
NRSC 7615: Developmental Neurobiology - 3 Units
NRSC 7650: Research in Neuroscience Rotation III - 1 Unit
NRSC 7662: Neuroscience Seminar - NC
NRSC 7661: Grant-Writing Workshop - 1 Unit
  Total Units: 9

  Total Units Year One: 24
Number Title Units
NRSC 7614 Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders 2
  Total Units: 2

Course: NRSC 7614 - Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders
Course Director: Jason Tregellas, Dept. of Psychiatry
Course Description: This elective, for basic sciences graduate students and medical students, provides a survey of the current clinical and molecular aspects of human neuropsychiatric disorders. Both movement disorders and DSMIV diagnoses will be covered. Contact the Course Director for a list of topics. Prerequisites: IDPT 7802 or BMGN 5000/CSBI 5001