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Areas of Research

Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology
Faculty study regulatory mechanisms of embryonic development at both the molecular and cellular levels.
Associated Faculty Members
 Results From Molecular Biology : Selected site and subsites
Faculty NameResearch Description
Appel, Bruce
Development and repair of the vertebrate nervous system
Artinger, Kristin
Molecular, genetic, and developmental mechanisms involved in the patterning of the early spinal cord (neural plate) during vertebrate embryogenesis.
Bates, Emily
The use of genetics to determine the molecular mechanisms of pediatric disorders.
Bayer, Ulli
Molecular memory and synaptic plasticity, cellular signal transduction and neuronal function, CaMKII and Ca2+ signaling.
Evans, Thomas
The control of embryonic polarity.
Hooper, Joan

Cell and tissue interactions that control development and tissue homeostasis.

Jordan, Craig
The characterization and targeting of leukemia stem cells.
Niswander, Lee
Genetic and Cellular Control of Vertebrate Embryonic Development
Prekeris, Rytis
The role of cell polarity during cell division, epithelial tissue morphogenesis and cancer cell metastasis
Reis, Tânia
The Genetic Basis of Obesity and Neuronal Control of Energy Balance in Drosophila melanogaster
Transcriptional regulation of mouse embryonic development and the role of transcription factors in mammary gland development and breast cancer.