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Areas of Research

Cellular Structure and Function

Cellular Structure and Function
Faculty study the organization and regulation of important sub-cellular structures in maintaining cell homeostasis and integrity.
Associated Faculty Members
 Results From Molecular Biology : Selected site and subsites
Faculty NameResearch Description
Bayer, Ulli
Molecular memory and synaptic plasticity, cellular signal transduction and neuronal function, CaMKII and Ca2+ signaling.
Bradford, Andrew
Regulation of tissue specific gene expression in response to hormonal and growth factor stimuli, characterization of fibroblast growth factor signaling in the pituitary, and the role of protein kinase C in endometrial cancer.
Colgan, Sean
Understanding how epithelial and endothelial cells coordinate inflammatory bowel disease.
Gerber, Anthony
The inter-relationship of glucocorticoid receptor signaling, inflammatory response, and lung function.
Holers, Michael
Signal transduction through complement receptors.
McManaman, James
Lactation and Lipid secretion.
Moore, Jeff
Research description:  Molecular regulation of the microtubule network in cell division and disease
Pearson, Chad
Centriole assembly and function
Prekeris, Rytis
The role of cell polarity during cell division, epithelial tissue morphogenesis and cancer cell metastasis
Reis, Tânia
The Genetic Basis of Obesity and Neuronal Control of Energy Balance in Drosophila melanogaster
Reyland, Mary
Regulation of apoptosis in epithelial cells by signal transduction pathways.
Sclafani, Robert
The regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle: DNA replication, repair and checkpoints important in cancer chemoprevention.
Thorburn, Andrew
Apoptosis regulation in cancer development and treatment.
Vázquez-Torres, Andrés
Understanding the role that mononuclear phagocytes play in the host response to intracellular pathogenic microorganisms
Voskuil, Martin
Mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for survival during latent disease.
Wang, Xiao-Jing
Head, Neck, and Skin Cancer Research