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12801 E. 17th Ave
Rm. L18-9112, MS 8122
Aurora, CO 80045

The Molecular Biology Program
is dedicated to providing rigorous training to its students in a supportive environment. The molecular biology faculty are members of many different departments who are applying the techniques of molecular biology to answer questions in diverse areas. Molecular biology, the science of how living things work at the molecular level, has spearheaded the recent revolution in our understanding of human disease and led to the birth of the biotechnology industry. In almost all aspects of modern biomedical research, a professional knowledge of Molecular biology is essential. The training program is designed to equip students for careers at the cutting edge of biology. Students are supported from both private (Bolie Fund) and government (NIH T32) training grants. As a testament to the program’s success, our graduates have been successful at securing positions in academic, government and industrial settings.

  • Congratulations to our T32 1819 awardees: Stephan Ramos, Johnathon Schafer, Nina Elder, Emily Duncan, Marlie Fisher, Linnea Wethekam, Claire Gillette, Justin Roberts, and Laura George.
  • Congratulations to our Bolie awardees: Gabriella Li and Patrick Cherry
  • Congratulations to our incoming fall 2018 class: Chloe Barrington-Ham (University of North Carolina), Kimberly Callahan (Rochester Institution of Technology), Benjamin Cooperman (University of Southern California), Arely Diaz (Univ. Of Texas, El Paso), Troy Simoes (University of New Mexico - Albuquerque), Andy Winter (UC Denver Anschutz).
  • Congratulations to our students who successfully defended their PhD thesis: Michael Cortazar Osorio, Maggie Balas, Alexis Zukowski, Kelsey Hazegh, Biniam Adane.
Date Speaker
Aug 23 MOLB New Student Orientation and Lunch
Sep 20 Student Research Seminar
Sep 27 Guest Faculty Speaker
Scott Roy (RBI sponsored)
Oct 04 Guest Faculty Speaker
Daniel Lew
Oct 11 Guest Faculty Speaker
Jonathon Cooper
Oct 18 Guest Faculty Speaker
Brenda Bass (RBI sponsored)
Nov 01 Guest Faculty Speaker
Mike Lynch
Nov 08 Guest Faculty Speaker
Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan
Nov 15 1st Rotation Talks
Nov 29 Student Research Seminar
Dec 06 Student Research Seminar
Dec 13 Prospective Faculty Seminar
Dec 20 Prospective Faculty Seminar