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Student Profile

Molecular Biology students have strong credentials for admission, with competitive Graduate Record Exam scores, solid grade point averages from a wide variety of undergraduate programs, and typically have prior laboratory research experience. Students are supported by an NIH training grant, Institutional Graduate School funding, and faculty research grants. The program actively recruits underrepresented minority students and women, who currently make up approximately 75% of the student population. The Program typically has 40-45 full-time students.

                                    • Current Students 38           
                                    • Male/Female Ratio 13/25
                                    • Average undergraduate GPA 3.34
                                    • Average GRE 1250/4.0



  • African-American   2
  • Asian                    5
  • Caucasian           28
  • Hispanic               3


First students admitted in 1987                                 2

Total number of students admitted since 1987        170

Total number of students graduated to date            94

Average number of publications per student             3

Average time to graduate                                      5.5 years

Where do students go after graduation?


Academic Postdoctoral Positions


Academic/industry combination
Government (NIH)  
Medicine (MSTP&MD Fellow)
Left Science
Faculty Positions

Permanent Industry


UCD Graduate School Environment


The Graduate School currently registers 239 Ph.D. students in 12 graduate programs that lead to a Ph.D.: 

Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences,

Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics,

Cell and Developmental Biology,

Human Medical Genetics, Physiology, Pharmacology,

Neurosciences, Pathology,

Microbiology, Immunology, and

Medical Scientist Training Program-MSTP (M.D./Ph.D.).