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Molecular Biology Program Retreat
October 29 – 31, 2015
YMCA of the Rockies, Winter Park, CO

Retreat Schedule (as of 10/5/2015)

Thursday 12:00 PM Registration and Lunch
  1:00 PM Welcome – Bob Sclafani
  1:30 PM Session I – Defense Against the Dark Arts
Linda van Dyk, Emily Bates, Elan Eisenmesser
  2:40 PM Ice Breaker
  3:40 PM Session II – Muggle Studies
Louis Cicchini, Hannah Scarborough, Ryan Sheridan
  5:00 PM Dinner
  6:40 PM Session III – Herbology
James DeGregori, Patricia Ernst, Bruce Appel
  8:00 PM Poster Session I
Friday 7:00 AM Breakfast
  9:10 AM Session IV – Transfiguration
Josh Black, Aaron Johnson, Jim Hagman
  10:20 AM Break
  10:35 AM Session V – Potions
Rytis Prekeris, Changwei Liu, Jeff Moore
  12:00 PM Group Photo
  12:30 PM Lunch and free time until 5:00 PM
  5:00 PM Keynote Speaker – Floyd Romesberg, PhD
  6:00 PM Banquet and program
  8:00 PM Poster Session II
Saturday 7:00 AM Breakfast
  9:10 AM Session VI – Study of Ancient Ruins
Jay Hesselberth and David Bentley
  9:50 AM Break
  10:05 AM Session VI cont. – Student of Ancient Ruins
Dick Davis and Chandra Tucker
  11:00 AM Closing Remarks