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Molecular Biology Program

​The Molecular Biology Program is dedicated to providing rigorous training to its students in a supportive environment. The Molecular Biology faculty are members of many different departments who are applying the techniques of molecular biology to answer questions in diverse areas. Molecular biology, the science of how living things work at the molecular level, has spearheaded the recent revolution in our understanding of human disease and led to the birth of the biotechnology industry. In almost all aspects of modern biomedical research, a professional knowledge of molecular biology is essential. The training program is designed to equip students for careers at the cutting edge of biology. Students are supported from both private (Bolie Fund) and government (NIH T32) training grants. As a testament to the program’s success, our graduates have been successful at securing positions in academic, government and industrial settings.
Current Students / Faculty
  • 41 full time PhD students
  • 64 faculty from 12 different departments
  • 17% URM students
  • 56% female students
Program Activities
  • Annual scientific retreat in the Rocky Mountains
  • Weekly seminar series
  • Monthly student-led roundtables
  • Annual spring symposium
Curriculum (5-year program)
  • 1st year: required courses (core, ethics, etc.), 3 lab rotations, written preliminary exam
  • 2nd year: required courses (electives, biostatistics, etc.), seminar, research
  • 3rd year: qualifying comprehensive examination, thesis research
  • 4th year and beyond: thesis research and defense
Program History / Statistics
  • Started 1987
  • Graduates to date: 98
  • Avg. time to graduation: 5.6 years
  • Avg. incoming student GPA and GRE (AY 15-16): 3.40 and 156/153/4.0
Funding / Financial Assistance
  • Year One: Stipend/tuition/fees paid by Graduate School
  • Year Two and Beyond: Stipend/tuition/fees paid by thesis advisor
  • NIH training grant
  • Bolie Graduate Scholarship Fund and Bolie Travel Awards
  • Program faculty >$20,000,000 in annual grants
  • Annual stipend: $28,500 (2015-2016)