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Autism Treatment Network

In collaboration with Children’s Hospital Colorado, JFK Partners is a participant in the cooperative multi-center program for comprehensive care clinics, serving persons with autism. These two institutions provide excellent clinical services, in autism and in medical specialties relevant to the health and well-being of persons with this complex neurobiological disorder.

Faculty with expertise in autism, across a variety of disciplines (e.g., pediatrics, psychology, psychiatry), will adopt the common evaluation battery, assess a minimum of 100 persons with autism per year, share data through the ISAAC system, and participate actively in the collaborative network. 

With the support of the parent community in the Rocky Mountain region, the university, the hospital, and the infrastructure and collaborative opportunities provided by the Autism Treatment Network, we hope to improve the quality of medical care for persons with autism in our community. 

It is the aim of the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) to improve the medical care of children and adolescents with autism through the development of guidelines for the assessment and treatment of autism and associated disorders. 
Eligibility for Colorado ATN:
  • Children between the ages of 2.0 and 17.5.
  • Meet criteria for an ASD according to the specified diagnostic measures conducted at an established ATN center within the last 12 months.
  • Planned or ongoing care at an established ATN site.
  • Parent/Caregiver fluent in written and spoken English.  English spoken in the home with the child at least 75% of the time (because most assessment questionnaires are validated in English only).
  • Parent or legal guardian able to provide informed consent.

Click here for the ATN flyer.

Funding Source
These projects are funded through grants from Autism Speaks and through a subcontract from Massachusetts General Hospital from funding from the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA).

Contact Person:
Harriet Austin, Ph.D.
Clinic Coordinator, Autism Treatment Network
The Child Development Unit, The Children's Hospital
13123 East 16th Avenue, B-140
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Ann Reynolds, MD, Principle Investigator
Harriet Austin, PhD, Clinic Coordinator
Tim Benke, MD, PhD
Carol Beresford, MD
Sandra Friedman, MD
Norman Friedman, MD
Glenn Furuta, MD
Ann Halbower, MD
Susan Hepburn, PhD
Susan Johnson, PhD
Terry Katz, PhD
Nancy Krebs, MD
Judy Reaven, PhD
Anne Tsai, MD