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CFReT News & Activities

​​Please join us in welcoming CFReT's newest faculty, 

Dr. Maggie Lam, Ph.D. 

Maggie's work focuses on cardiovascular proteomics and bioinformatics.  Her recent work at UCLA led to the development of a number of mass spectrometry and computational methods aimed at understanding the expression and regulation of proteins in murine and human hearts. ​Maggie will leverage this expertise to discover new mechanisms for fibrosis regulation across organ systems.  

CFReT Monthly Meetings-RC2 room 8105

CFReT Publications

"Differentiated Smooth Muscle Cells Generate a Subpopulation of Resident Vascular
Progenitor Cells in the Adventitia Regulated by KLF4",
Mark W. Majesky, Henrick Horita, Allison Ostriker, Sizhao Lu, Jenna N. Regan, Ashim Bagchi, 
Xiu Rong Dong, Joanna Poczobutt, Raphael A. Nemenoff, and Mary C.M. Weiser-Evans (2016) Circulation Research

"Nuclear PTEN functions as an essential regulator 
of SRF-dependent transcription to control smooth 
muscle differentiation", 
Henrick Horita, Christina L. Wysoczynski, Lori A. Walker, Karen S. Moulton, Marcella Li, 
Allison Ostriker, Rebecca Tucker, Timothy A. McKinsey, Mair E.A. Churchill, Raphael A. Nemenoff, 
& Mary C.M. Weiser-Evans (2016) Nature Communications​

"Characterizing fibrosis in UUO mice model using multiparametric analysis of phasor distributionfrom FILM images.", Ranjit S., Levi, M., Furgeson, S., Gratton, E., (2016) Biomed Opt Express

"Label-free fluorescence lifetime and second harmonic generation imaging microscopy improves quantification of experimental renal fibrosis.", 
Ranjit, S., Dobrinskikh, E., Montford, J., Dvornikov, A., Lehman, A., Orlicky, DJ., Nemenoff, R., Gratton, E., Levi, M., Furgeson, S., (2016) Kidney International

"Epigenetic regulation of cardiac fibrosis." Stratton, MS., McKinsey TA., (2016) J. Mol. Cell Cardiology