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Jonathan Wilde

CSD Graduate Student

CSD Graduate Student - Jonathan Wilde

E-Mail: Jonathan Wilde​​

First Year Lab Rotations:

Rotation 1: Linda Barlow's Lab (2010): During my rotation, I investigated a potentially novel cell type expressed in embryonic taste papillae.

Rotation 2: Bruce Appel's Lab (2011): I studied the molecular and physiological mechanisms that regulate neuron-oligodendrocyte interactions and myelination in the zebrafish CNS.

Rotation 3: Lee Niswander's Lab: (2011)

Thesis Advisor:   Lee Niswander

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Science, Biotechnology, Penn State University, University Park, PA, 2008.

After B.S. degree and prior to joining the CSD Graduate Program:

Prior to coming to UCD, I worked at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the laboratory of Matthew Deardorff. During my time in his lab, I studied the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a rare developmental disorder caused by disruption of the Cohesin complex.


Kaiser F, Ansari M, Braunholz D, Gil-Rodriguez MC, Decroos C, Wilde JJ, et al. Loss-of-function HDAC8 Mutations Cause a Phenotypic Spectrum of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome-like Features, Ocular Hypertelorism, Large Fontanelle and X-linked Inheritance. Hum Mol Genet (2014). doi:10.1093/hmg/ddu002

Yates L, Schnatwinkel C, Hazelwood L, Chessum L, Paudyal A, Hilton H, Romero R,
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Deardorff MA, Bando M, Nakato R, Watrin E, Itoh T, Minamino M, Saitoh K, Komata M, Katou Y, Clark D, Cole KE, De Baere E, Decroos C, Di Donato N, Ernst S, Francey LJ, Gyftodimou Y, Hirashima K, Hullings M, Ishikawa Y, Jaulin C, Kaur M, Kiyono T, Lombardi PM, Magnaghi-Jaulin L, Mortier GR, Nozaki N, Petersen MB, Seimiya H, Siu VM, Suzuki Y, Takagaki K,
 Wilde JJ, et al. HDAC8 mutations in Cornelia de Lange syndrome affect the cohesin acetylation cycle. Nature (2012). 489. 313-317. doi:10.1038/nature11316

Deardorff MA,
 Wilde JJ, Albrecht M, Dickinson E, Tennstedt S, Braunholz D, Mönnich M, Yan Y, Xu W, Gil-Rodríguez MC, et al. RAD21 Mutations Cause a Human Cohesinopathy. Am. J. Hum. Genet. (2012). Volume 90. Issue 6. 1014-1027. doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2012.04.019​ ​ ​


Why did you decide to pursue a Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development?

I’ve always been amazed by the ability of single cells to develop into complex multicellular organisms and I couldn’t think of a more interesting way to spend my career than studying this process.

Why did you choose CU's Anschutz Medical Campus?

UCD has a growing number of top-tier researchers, state-of-the-art facilities, and a very team-oriented atmosphere. When I interviewed here, there seemed to be a real sense of camaraderie and this has proven to be a reality over the past year. I think that this type of atmosphere is conducive to great research and drives science toward more meaningful findings. Overall, UCD feels like a place where you can accomplish big things in a more relaxed atmosphere than many of the top research institutions. I’d also be lying if I said that location didn’t have a bit to do with my decision. Denver is a gorgeous city that offers plenty of diversions when you need to get away from science. The combination of strong academics and great surroundings made choosing to study here a pretty easy decision.

What has been the biggest surprise since you arrived here?

I have found it a lot easier to adjust to being 2,000 miles from home than I expected it to be and I think that this has a lot to do with how great the students are and how gorgeous Denver is. Bad moods are hard to find around here and it has really helped with the adjustment process.

Where were you born?

Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Where did you grow up?

York, Pennsylvania.

When did you start the graduate program at Anschutz Medical Campus?

Fall, 2010.

What do you do for fun?

If I can find free time, I like to spend it producing music, running, having drinks with friends, and enjoying the outdoors.

What do you like about living in Colorado?

The diversity. Denver is a great mixture of big city and big country. The downtown area is full of things to do, but it only takes a short drive to be up in the mountains and away from all the hustle and bustle.

What do you like about the Anschutz Medical Campus?

The facilities and layout are great.