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Diane Gumina

CSD Graduate Student

CSD Graduate Student - Diane Gumina

E-Mail: Diane Gumina

First Year Lab Rotations:

Rotation 1:  Linda Barlow's Lab (Fall Semester, 2011)

Rotation 2: Pepper Schedin's Lab (Fall/Spring Semesters, 2011/12)

Rotation 3: Virginia Winn's Lab (Spring Semester, 2012)

Thesis Advisor:   Virginia Winn

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Arts, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado Boulder, CO, 2009.

Experience prior to joining the CSD graduate program:

Research Specialist, Emory University School of Medicine, Renal Division, June 2010-August 2011

Why did you decide to pursue a Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development?

What ultimately drove me to pursue a Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development was how the concepts behind developmental biology have such a wide range of implications in biomedical science. My inherent interests in this subject along with my desire to pursue translational research made it a perfect academic fit.

Why did you choose CU's Anschutz Medical Campus?

In my search for graduate schools I had a list of things I wanted in a program. I wanted to learn from a faculty that was diverse in interests and put an emphasis in collaboration. In terms of curriculum, I was looking for a balance between learning the scientific concepts needed to generate research ideas, and the practical knowledge of turning those ideas into actualities. And I also wanted to be in a location that I could enjoy outside of the program. During my interview I could tell that the Anschutz Medical Campus fit all of those needs and additionally the atmosphere was very familial and supportive which made a seemingly tough decision easy.

Where did you grow up?

Fort Collins, Colorado.

When did you start the graduate program at Anschutz Medical Campus?

Fall, 2011.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy running, yoga, skiing, cooking, and all things stereotypically Colorado.

Are you excited about returning to Colorado?

I am very excited about coming back home. 300 days of sunshine, close proximity to my favorite activities/places, and the opportunity to further my education at an amazing institution; I don't think I could want more.