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UC Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus: Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development Graduate Program
Taste Cells - Tom Finger's LabOmmatidia - Steve Britt's LabOrganoid - Rytis Prekeris's LabZebra Fish Embryo - Kristin Artinger's LabPancreas - John Hutton's LabZebrafish hindbrain - Bruce Appel's Lab



UC Graduate Program in Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development


CSD Graduate Program

Medical use of stem cells holds great promise for treatment of human diseases and birth defects. But to advance use of stem cells in the clinic, scientists must continue to make fundamental discoveries of how cells function, and how cells i​n embryos form the different tissues of the body. Our faculty and students are linked by their common interest in understanding cells in the contexts of development, regeneration and disease.


The CSD program thus trains PhD students in 3 interrelated disciplines, Stem Cells, Cell Biology, and Development.


Our doctoral students: 1) Complete an integrated curriculum; 2) Interact with international and national research leaders via our seminar series, and our student run research retreat; and 3) Receive training in hypothesis testing, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, grant writing, and oral and written presentation skills.

David Dai Picture

Brian Bayless spoke last week at the Ciliate Microbiology Meeting in Camarino, Italy.

David Dai Picture

David Dai just successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Dai!

Current CSD student Tanya Brown and incoming CSD student Jayne Aiken were both awarded NSF fellowships!

Jason Williams Picture

Congratulations to Jason for his recent NIH Fellowship! Determining the role of Pcdh10a in zebrafish migratory neural crest cells.

Swati Mishra Picture

Swati Mishra was given the award for Best Poster at the 2014 NAVBO Conference. Congratulations Swati!

David Castillo Picture

Congratulations to David Castillo on his first author paper published in the journal Development. Great job!

Jonathan Wilde Picture

Jonathan Wilde was recently awarded the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Predoctoral Fellows. Congratulations!

Dongying Li Picture

Congratulations to Dongying Li for a terrific thesis seminar and successful defense. We introduce Dr. Li!

Davalyn Powell Picture

CSD student Davalyn Powell was awarded 1st place for "Best Student/Post-Doc Talk" at the 2013 Annual CSD Retreat in Breckenridge.

Jason Dinella Picture

CSD student Jason Dinella awarded TL1 Fellowship, with project title "Investigating the Role of TP63 in the Pathophysiology of Ankyloblepharon Ectodermal Dysplasia and Clefting"

The CSD Program welcomes two new faculty members: Dr. Emily Bates and Dr. Santos Franco.

Finger Lab Barlow Lab >> We are working to understand how the sense of taste develops in embryos and is maintained throughout adult life.

Finger Lab Finger Lab >> Solitary chemosensory cells (green) detect airbone irritants and evoke protective airway responses by transmitting the signal to nerve fibers (red).

Artinger Lab Artinger Lab >> Zebrafish mutagenesis screens help to understand how neural plate border and neural crest cell fate is specified during development.