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CSD Student and Faculty News

David Dai just successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Dai!

Colleen Bartman, a first year PhD student in the Eckle lab, was selected for the CCTSI Tl1 Training Program in Translational Science. This award continues an exciting and ever accelerating record of important achievements by our students. Congratulations Colleen!​

Alex Liggett, PhD student in the DeGregori lab, just received a predoc NRSA fellowship from the National Cancer Institues and an award from the Linda Crnic Institute to help support his research in leukemogenesis. Way to go Alex!​

Weems and McMurray in Greece
Andrew Weems, PhD student in the McMurray Lab, just got back from an EMBO Conference on the island of Crete! He had a great time and won the poster contest for his research. Congratulations! Part of his trip was funded through the C. Werner and Kitty Hirs Research Travel Award. Email Kenton​ for information on funding opportunities for any travel you have coming up. ​

Current CSD student Tanya Brown and incoming CSD student Jayne Aiken were both awarded NSF fellowships!

Congratulations to Jason Williams for his recent NIH Fellowship! Determining the role of Pcdh10a in zebrafish migratory neural crest cells.

Dongying Li

​October 2013
Congratulations to Dongying Li on her terrific thesis seminar, titled "Apical Protein Trafficking: The Role of Rab11-FIP5 in Epithelial Morphogenesis," and the defense of her thesis. Dongying was a student in D​r. Rytis Prekeris' lab. We are excited to introduce Dr. Li!

Santos Franco Emily Bates

October 2013
The CSD welcomes two new faculty members. Dr. Emily Bates, pictured at right, recently joined the Department of Pediatrics as an Assistant Professor. We also welcome Dr. Santos Franco, pictured at left, who also is a new Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics.

Davalyn Powell

​October 2013
The 2013 Annual CSD Retreat was held in the beautiful mountain town of Breckenridge on October 11-12. The program was proud to host Keynote speaker, Dr. Scott Noggle, and terrific talks were given by CSD faculty, students, and associated post-docs. Davalyn Powell, pictured at the right, won 1st place for the "Best Student/Post-Doc Talk." The poster session was particularly outstanding this year, and the following students took home poster awards: 1st place, Emily Mathews, 2nd place, Colby Fees, 3rd place, David Castillo.

Jason Dinellea

​September 2013
Jason Dinella recently received news of his Translational Science (TL1) Fellowship award. His project is titled "Investigating the Role of TP63 in the Pathophysiology of Ankyloblepharon Ectodermal Dysplasia and Clefting." Congratulations Jason!

August 2013 

The CSD graduate program is very excited to welcome four new students to the program! They are: Stephanie Bonney (B.S., University of Colorado Denver), Santiago Fregoso (M.S., East Tennessee State University), Veronica Fregoso (M.S., East Tennessee State University), and Jennifer Jones (M.S. California State University Channel Islands).

Heather Ray

July 2013
Congratulations to Heather Ray, the recipient of an NRSA Fellowship Award! Heather's fellowship project title is, "Grhl2-regulation of Developing Ectoderm as a Model to Identify Suppressors of EMT."

John Schiel

July 2013
December CSD graduate, John Schiel, is the first author on the paper titled "Endocytic transport and cytokinesis: from regulation of the cytoskeleton to midbody inheritance" in Trends in Cell Biology. Second author, Carly Childs, recently graduated from the Molecular Biology program. The article may be accessed by clicking here to access Trends in Cell Biology.

Joe Brzezinski

June 2013
CSD faculty member, Dr. Joe Brzezinski, has been named to the 2013 Class of Boettcher Investigators in the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program. Dr. Brzezinski investigates the early events that control the formation of rod and cone photoreceptors within the eye. By discovering how photoreceptors develop, his lab will help design the next generation of therapies with the potential to restore lost vision. Click here for more information on the Boettcher Class of Investiagors.

Davalyn Powell Davalyn PowellDecember 2012

Two CSD students win Best Poster awards at the 2012 Anschutz Medical Campus Student Research Symposium. Davalyn Powell (pictured at left) took home the top award in the Developmental Neuroscience category, and Dongying Li (pictured at right)won the Top Poster award.


Aaron Huebner

December 2012
Dr. Aaron Huebner, a December 2012 graduate of the CSD program, is the first author on a paper just published in Developmental Cell. The title of the paper is "Amniotic Fluid Activates the Nrf2/Keap1 Pathway to Repair an Epidermal Barrier Defect In Utero" and the abstract may be viewed by clicking here. Congratulations Aaron!

December 2012
The CSD graduate program is excited to welcome three new faculty members:
- Dr. Joe Brzezinski, Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology
- Dr. Amanda Law, Professor, Department of Psychiatry
- Dr. Julie Siegenthaler, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics

John Schiel

November 2012
Congratulations to PhD candidate, Brian Bayless, for his first author paper in Molecular Biology of the Cell. The title of his article is "Bld10/Cep135 stabilizes basal bodies to resist cilia generated forces," and the abstract can be viewed by clicking here.


October 2012
The 2012 CSD Program Retreat was a great success! The two-day retreat was filled with great presentations by faculty, students from multiple PhD programs, and post-docs. CSD students swept the award categories, with Alex Blasky winning the "Best Talk" and the "Best Posters" awards going to Brian Bayless (3rd place), Davalyn Powell (2nd place), and Dongying Li (1st place). More information can be found on the CSD Annual Retreat website.

John Schiel

September 2012
Congratulations to John Schiel for his fantastic thesis defense talk, titled "Functions of Recycling Endosomes During Cytokinesis." Dr. Schiel will be joining the Doxsey Lab at University of Massachusetts in Amherst this November. Congratulations John!


John Schiel

August 2012
CSD student, John Schiel, is first author on a paper accepted by Nature Cell Biology. The paper, titled "FIP3-endosome dependent formation of the secondary ingression mediates ESCRT-III recruitment during cytokinesis" was co-authored by Glenn Simon, Chelsey Zaharris, Julie Weisz, David Castle, Christine C. Wu, and Rytis Prekeris.

August 2012
Students in the CSD program proposed a new course for the program last fall. Through their hard work and organization, the course was proposed and approved. The new course, CSDV 7000, was conceived, organized, and will be run by our CSD students, with support from our faculty. A course outline can be downloaded by clicking here.

Aaron Huebner

August 2012
Contratulations to CSD student, Aaron Huebner, on his outstanding thesis defense, titled "Consequences of loricrin deficiency on epidermal barrier formation and function." Dr. Huebner will be leaving the Roop lab in the Department of Dermatology this fall to begin his post-doc position in the Hochedlinger lab at Harvard Medical School. Congratulations Aaron!

Jennifer Iklé

July 2012
May 2012 CSD graduate, Dr. Jennifer Iklé, is the first author on the paper, "Identification and characterization of the zebrafish pharyngeal arch-specific enhancer for the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor Hand2," published in Developmental Biology.   Jen completed her thesis in the Clouthier lab.  With PhD in hand, Jen has started the clinical portion of the MSTP program, in pursuit of her M.D. The abstract for Jen's paper can be found by clicking here.

Ying Zhang

June 2012
May 2012 CSD graduate, Dr. Ying Zhang, accepted a post doctoral position in the lab of Dr. Richard Maas, the Chief of the Division of Genetics, at Harvard's School of Medicine. Click here for dditional information on the Maas lab. Congratulations Ying!


Jonathan Wilde

May 2012
CSD graduate student, Jonathan Wilde, has his paper "RAD21 Mutations Cause a Human Cohesinopathy" published in Genetics. The abstract and article can be found on this PubMed website.


Tobias Eckle

April 2012
CSD faculty member, Dr. Tobias Eckle, makes the news with a study that suggests that strong light, even just daylight, may ease the risk of having a heart attack or suffering damage from having one. According to Dr. Eckle, “For patients, this could mean that daylight exposure inside of the hospital could reduce the damage that is caused by a heart attack.” The study was published in the April edition of "Nature Medicine." Click here to read more and to see Dr. Eckle's interivew on 9News.

Heather Ray

April 2012
Heather Ray, a second-year student in the CSD graduate program, recently had her paper, "Mechanisms of tissue fusion during development" published in Development. Heather is a member of the Niswander Lab, a Howard Hughes Medical Insitute lab. The abstract for Heather's article can be found here.

April 2012
Dr. Ha Nguyen, a recent CSD graduate from the Barlow Lab, recently had his paper, "Mechanisms of taste bud cell loss after head and neck irradiation" published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Ha's article can be located here.

April 2012
The CSD program is very proud and excited to welcome four students to the program this fall. Joining us will be: Colby Fees from University of Colorado Denver, Senthilnath Lakshmana Chetty from University of Texas San Antonio, Alex Liggett from Case Western Reserve University, and Swati Mishra from Manipal University (India).

Brad Kubick

February 2012
CSD graduate student, Brad Kubick, was awarded with a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA fellowship for Individual Predoctoral Fellows (F31). Click here to view the abstract that describes his project.


Francie Barron

January 2012
Francie Barron will present her thesis defense on Tuesday, March 6th. She has accepted a Post Doctoral Fellowship position at Stanford University's School of Medicine in Dr. Joseph Wu's lab in the Department of Medicine and Radiology, and will start there on April 1st.  While speaking of her upcoming opportunity, Francie commented, "I'm very excited about graduating and moving to Stanford. It has always been a dream of mine." Congratulations Francie!

Brittany Allen-Petersen

January 2012
Brittany Allen-Petersen will be defending her thesis on February 29th. Following graduation, Brittany will be headed to Portland for her Post Doctoral Fellowship position at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Dr. Rosalie Sears' lab. Congratulations Brittany!


Jen Ikle

January 2012
Jen Ikle is set to defend her thesis on Monday, February 23rd. Jen is also in the Medical Science Training Program (MSTP), and will continue in the Clinical Core of the program, working toward her M.D. Congratulations on your Ph.D. -- one more degree to go!


Ying Zhang

January 2012
CSD graduate student, Ying Zhang, will present her thesis defense on Wednesday, January 25th. Following graduation, Ying will continue her work as a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Niswander lab, to complete and publish a manuscript. Congratulations Ying!

October 2011
The CSD graduate program is very excited to welcome three new faculty members: Dr. Jiang Chen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Dermatology, Michael McMurray, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, and Dr. Tania Reis, Assistant Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Diabetes.  All three are available for rotations and taking students.

October 2011
The 2011 CSD Retreat was held on October 14-15 in Estes Park, Colorado. After many oustanding talks and a great poster session, awards were given to: John Schiel, best graduate student/ post-doc talk, Brittany Allen-Petersen, 2nd place in the poster session, and Jennifer Ikle, 3rd place in the poster session. John Schiel received an additional 1st place award for successfully cloning his PI, Dr. Rytis Prekeris.

Davalyn Powell August 2011

CSD Graduate Student, Davalyn Powell, was awarded an NRSA pre-doctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

August 2011
Tariq Adwan, CSD student in Dr. Mary Reyland's lab, graduated with his PhD. Congratulations, Dr. Adwan!

June 2011
Post Doctoral Fellow, Dany Gaillard, was awarded a two-year American Heart Association (AHA) SWA Postdoctoral Fellowship. His project title is, "Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and dietary lipid regulation of taste." Dr. Gaillard is a member of Dr. Linda Barlow's lab.

June 16, 2011
CSD is proud to welcome three Biomedical Science Program (BSP) students to our Program: Brian Bayless (joining the Pearson Lab), David Castillo (joining the Barlow lab), and Heather Ray (joining the Niswander Lab).

June 13, 2011 Tariq Adwan
Congratulations to Tariq Adwan for his outstanding thesis defense! Tariq's thesis title is, "REMODELING OF INTER- and INTRA-MOLCULAR INTERACTIONS: A MECHANISM FOR NUCLEAR IMPORT OF PKCδ."

Current CSD student Tanya Brown and incoming CSD student Jayne Aiken were both awarded NSF fellowships!

Jason Williams Picture​Congratulations to Jason for his recent NIH Fellowship! Determining the role of Pcdh10a in zebrafish migratory neural crest cells.

June 7, 2011
Dr. Shi-Long Lu, Assistant Professor, Dept of Otolaryngology, joins the CSD faculty. His primary research area is molecular mechnisms and targetted therapies for squamous cell carcinomas. He is available for rotations and is taking students.

April 21, 2011 Schiel Published
CSD student John Schiel's article titled "Endocytic membrane fusion and buckling-induced microtubule severing mediate cell abscission" published in Journal of Cell Science.
    click here to download article (pdf)

April 15, 2011
CSD welcomes our incoming 2011 class of gradudate students: Courtney Betts, Diane Gumina, Mary Pinter, and Andrew Weems.

March 13, 2011
Incoming CSD student, Courtney Betts, honored with C. Werner ​and Kitty Hirs Merit Award.

March 1, 2011
Dr. Chad Pearson and Dr. Tobias Eckle join the CSD faculty. Both are taking students and available for rotations.


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