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UC Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus: Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development Graduate Program
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CSD Graduate Program

CSD Retreat 2015Medical use of stem cells holds great promise for treatment of human diseases and birth defects. But to advance use of stem cells in the clinic, scientists must continue to make fundamental discoveries of how cells function, and how cells i​n embryos form the different tissues of the body. Our faculty and students are linked by their common interest in understanding cells in the contexts of development, regeneration and disease.

The CSD program thus trains PhD students in 3 interrelated disciplines, Stem Cells, Cell Biology, and Development.

Our doctoral students:

  1. Complete an integrated curriculum
  2. Interact with international and national research leaders via our seminar series, and our student run research retreat
  3. Receive training in hypothesis testing, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, grant writing, and oral and written presentation skills
UC Graduate Program in Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development

Contact Info:

Program Contact

Maia Evans ​
Program Administrator
Mail Stop 8300
12800 East 19th Ave
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Office: P18-3105
Phone: 303-724-3102 ​


Recent CSD News and Achievements

Stephanie Bonney and Swati Mishra are authors on a paper published today in the Journal of Neuroscience.​​​ Congratulations Stephanie and Swati!

Colleen Bartman

Congratulations to Colleen Bartman for receiving an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship for her work in Tobias Eckle's lab!


CSD members Mellissa Delcont, Dr. Bruce Appel, and Dr. Wendy Macklin participated in the Myelin Gordon Research Conference 2016 in Lucca, Italy from May 15-20, 2016. Mellissa presented a poster titled "BDNF-TrkB signaling in the selection and coverage of axons by myelin membrane". Dr. Appel gave a presentation on "Mechanisms of Myelin Sheath Growth and Stability During Axon Selection"​. Dr. Macklin attended as a previous chair for the conference. 




Jayne Aiken

CSD student Jayne Aiken organized an outreach event bringing 22 middle school students to the Anschutz Medical Campus to learn more about Cell Biology. For more information about her great event, see the article here​.



Fees Figure

Colby Fees, a PhD student in the Moore lab, just has his paper accepted for publication in Molecular Biology of the Cell. 



David Dai Picture

Katrina Cable was just awarded an NSF Fellowship. This makes her the third CSD student to receive this award in the last two years. Congratulations Katrina!



Congratulations to Jonathan Wilde and Bradley Kubick on their successful Thesis Defenses. May we introduce Dr. Wilde and Dr. Kubick!
Jonathan Wilde Bradley Kubick

Thanks CSD for a great retreat up in Breckenridge this weekend! Congratulations to Andrew Weems, Nick Galati, Jonathan Wilde, and Stephanie Bonney who won awards for Best Poster and Brian Bayless and Colby Fees who won awards for Best Research Presentation.


PhD student Heather Ray and her husband James just completed the 500 mile Colorado trail which runs from Denver to Durango.

Brian Bayless spoke last week at the Ciliate Microbiology Meeting in Camarino, Italy.